Slideshow: 6 Cars You Won't Admit You Love

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Despite Honda’s “Respect the Van” and Toyota’s “Swagger Wagon” campaigns, today’s vans are about as hip as reruns of “Three’s Company.” But when it comes to the Toyota Sienna, that old adage is true: It’s what’s inside that counts. Inside the Sienna’s mom-jeans exterior is a van with second-row seats that recline like Lay-Z-Boy chairs. There’s also a 16.4 inch DVD screen that can play one movie in widescreen format or two movies side-by-side, effectively ending “Yo Gabba Gabba” vs. “Hanna Montana” feuds. If you still feel out of it driving a Sienna, just play the hipster card and claim you’re driving it ironically. Maybe you’ll make the minivan this year’s trucker hat.