Avg. Price Paid:$19,472 - $20,421
Original MSRP: $30,960 - $34,610
MPG: - TBD - City / - TBD - Hwy

2011 Acura TSX Sport Wagon Review

This review was written when the 2011 Acura TSX Sport Wagon was new.

The all-new 2011 Acura TSX Sport Wagon is a high-tech SUV alternative that has good performance and lots of utility.

While it’s no sports car, reviewers agree that the Acura TSX Sport Wagon makes a lot of sense for anyone looking to combine sporty performance with a lot of cargo space. The Washington Post says the TSX Sport Wagon is “derived from the notion that responsibility need not be limiting in the pursuit of happiness on the road. Thus, it is sleek in the manner of sport coupes and sedans in exterior styling. It is ‘fun to drive,’ blessed with the ability to turn daily errands into pleasant road trips. It is designed and engineered for young people who have accepted the truth that aging - and all of the joys, duties and woes that come with it - is inevitable."

Reviewers like that the 2011 TSX Sport Wagon come standard with features like Bluetooth and a USB port with iPod interface. Optional features include a navigation system with traffic and weather alerts, plus a rear view camera. Inside, critics agree that the TSX Sport Wagon is comfortable and well-built.  While enthusiasts may wish for a bigger engine and a manual transmission, most reviewers say that the TSX Sport Wagon delivers performance that’s sporty enough for most drivers, and that its fuel economy is worth the performance penalty. All in all, reviewers say that the TSX Sport Wagon is a great way to haul an SUV’s worth of stuff without having to deal with SUV-like performance and gas bills.

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Other Wagons to Consider

While reviewers say the TSX Sport Wagon is sporty, it won’t be sporty enough for all buyers.  For the best back road performance in a wagon, check out the BMW 3-Series wagon.  Just know that the TSX Sport Wagon is cheaper and has more cargo space.

The TSX Sport Wagon is only available in front-wheel drive, which some reviewers say limits its versatility.  If you need a wagon with all-wheel drive, check out the Audi A4 wagon.  It has Audi’s Quattro all-wheel drive system available.

Details: Acura TSX Sport Wagon

The 2011 Acura TSX Sport Wagon is new for this year.  It’s based on the Acura TSX sedan.  Unlike the sedan, however, it only has a four-cylinder engine, five-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive.  The TSX Sport Wagon comes in one trim.  The Technology package adds about $3,000 to the price and is the only option  package.

  • "What a nice little wagon."--AutoWeek
  • "Overall the TSX offers excellent manners in daily driving, a pleasing interior, an impressive amount of standard equipment, plus state-of-the-art navigation and entertainment systems."--Edmunds
  • "The responsive and aerodynamically fit Acura offers enough space for plenty of baby gear and amenities to keep parents content."--Los Angeles Times
  • "Major fun with lots of cargo space, but cramped rear seat."--USA TODAY
  • "As size becomes less of an indicator of luxury status, the Acura TSX Wagon looks better and better. The design is orderly, the fit and finish are exemplary, the interior design is visually attractive, and the equipment levels are comprehensive. Better yet, the tactile experiences at the primary and secondary controls speak of quality at every touch."--Popular Mechanics
  • "I would give the wagon five stars for its solid build, overall quality, and easy handling. It would work in an upscale neighborhood where the kids are off to college and dad and mom really don’t want an SUV or crossover vehicle like the ones that populate every other driveway on the block."--MarketWatch
  • "The 2011 Acura TSX Sport Wagon boasts a very practical body style along with a modern cabin tech suite, but the power train doesn't take advantage of recent efficiency innovations."--CNET
Review Last Updated: 5/16/11

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