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2008 Audi A4 Wagon Review

This review was written when the 2008 Audi A4 Wagon was new.

The A4 Avant has a top-notch interior, an appealing exterior design and available all-wheel drive, but not too many people or too much cargo will fit in the wagon's rear.

If you're shopping for a luxury wagon, it's hard to find many that offer the understated style and overall refinement of Audi's A4 Avant. In this era of high gas prices, many are looking at wagons as an appealing alternative to SUVs. Our analysis finds the automotive press is pleased with the A4 Avant's solid performance and sound ride. During their test drive, The Auto Channel team was specifically surprised "by the sense of security and comfort " and reveled in "the sense of luxury."

Reviewers do warn that rear seat comfort is not at a premium for the A4 Avant, nor is cargo space abundant. When noting the wagon's low points, Forbes says the 2008 A4 Avant isn't appropriate if "you need comfortable seating for five large adults; you prefer a car that skews either toward luxury or performance rather than blending the two; you prefer flashy styling." Still, USA Today says, "If you can live with the modest dimensions that come with small cars, there is little else to criticize." If you're shopping for a luxury wagon, consider the hard-to-beat BMW 3-Series Wagon.

  • "Stylish, sure-footed, and smooth." -- Car and Driver
  • "Buy the Audi A4 if you want a comfortable, stylish and solid-performing sporty station wagon that isn't as harsh-riding as some of the competition; you want AWD; you need a high-quality compact car that can comfortably carry kids in the back on a long trip or can squeeze in several adults on short trips." -- Forbes
  • "A delight to drive, tight inside." -- USA Today
Review Last Updated: 2/25/09

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