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Used Car: 2009 BMW X5 Review

Review Last Updated: 5/14/15

Though the 2009 BMW X5 offers sporty performance, its confusing infotainment system and very cramped third row of seats disappointed reviewers.

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If you’re in the market for a sporty luxury crossover with standard all-wheel drive and don’t prioritize a comfortable third row, the 2009 BMW X5 isn’t a bad choice. It even gets decent fuel economy from its base six-cylinder and available diesel engines, which return 15/21 and 19/26 mpg city/highway, respectively. Reviewers said the X5 has great handling for an SUV, and an upscale interior worthy of its BMW badge. However, some critics noted that the X5’s sporty handling also means that it may ride too firmly for some shoppers.

Despite its good points, reviewers found some bones to pick with the BMW X5. Car and Driver called its cramped third row “a joke.” Test drivers also found that BMW’s iDrive system, which controls the car’s navigation, media, temperature and other functions, was confusing to use. In general, if you want sporty performance and a nice interior, you’ll probably like the X5. But shoppers looking for a practical three-row luxury crossover may want to consider other options.

A panoramic moonroof, dual-zone climate control, power front seats, an auxiliary input jack and BMW’s iDrive system are among the 2009 X5’s standard features. Items like a power liftgate, Bluetooth, leather seats, an iPod interface, navigation, parking sensors and a backup camera were available in option packages when the X5 was new.

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Other Cars to Consider

For a sporty luxury SUV with better value than the X5, consider the 2009 Infiniti FX. The FX comes with far more standard features than the X5, though it doesn’t offer a third row of seats. Still, test drivers said that the X5’s third row will probably be unusable for most, so the Infiniti’s five-person limit might not matter if you’re considering the BMW.

The 2009 Audi Q7 is a fairly sporty three-row SUV with a more spacious third row than the BMW X5 can offer. Test drivers loved its interior, which includes an attractive design and luxurious materials. The Audi Q7 is available with a fuel-efficient diesel engine that gets similar fuel economy to the BMW X5 diesel.

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