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2009 Cadillac STS Interior

This interior review was created when the car was new. Some links may no longer point to an active page.

The passenger cabin has been the undoing of the 2009 STS. Standards in this class and price range are very high, and a use of some hard plastics and confusing controls sets the STS near the back of its class.

  • "Interior updates include a new, more sophisticated instrument cluster that looks much richer than those in past cars, as well as revised detailing on the center stack and a new steering wheel, slightly smaller than the one it replaces. Unfortunately, nobody thought to soften the edge of the center console, which still bruised our knees after just a few hours of driving." -- Car and Driver
  • "Interior materials quality is good when compared to domestic-branded premium sedans but falls just shy of the standards set by German and Japanese rivals." -- Consumer Guide
  • "Fit and finish are solid, and luxury buyers should be pleased with this Cadillac's generally high-class ambience. Minor demerits include the use of some low-grade plastic trim pieces that put the STS at a disadvantage against the admittedly more costly European and Japanese luxury sedans. The overall design is also on the dull side compared to the classy confines of the CTS." -- Edmunds
  • "Comfortable and lined with respectable materials, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired." -- Cars.com.


The seats of the STS are comfortable, although some test drivers wish for more bolstering and others say the seats are too firm. Room is comfortable for most adults in the front, but the rear seat dimensions are a bit small for such a large car.

  • "Sporty front seats might be too firm for some posteriors." -- Edmunds
  • "The STS seats show Cadillac has found a nice combination of comfort and support, and they do a good job of holding you in place without being too firm." -- Kelley Blue Book
  • "Good seats," but "they lack adequate lateral support." -- Car and Driver
  • Rear seats are "disappointing for a car this large. With the front seats set far back, legroom is limited and foot space is tight. The seat itself is well contoured and offers good back support, though a longer seat bottom would enhance long-distance comfort. Headroom is just adequate." -- Consumer Guide

Interior Features

The STS has a full suite of cabin electronics to please modern luxury car buyers, but some find the controls confusing. Reviewers also point to sub-standard materials on some surfaces, leaving the car at the back of its class for interior refinement.

  • "STS has relatively few buttons compared with other premium cars -- a big plus. All controls are easy to reach, though some markings are confusing. The available navigation system absorbs many audio functions, but doesn't complicate their use." -- Consumer Guide
  • "Controls are straightforward and easy to use, with the exception of the confounding memory-setting procedure for the driver seat, mirrors, radio and climate controls. Unlike with traditional systems, which place buttons on the door or driver seat, you must dive deep into the navigation touchscreen to set memory functions. It's frustrating and unnecessarily complicated." -- Edmunds
  • "Look closely, however, and rough edges start to show...my test car had gaps between the center panel and glove compartment that you could fit a nickel into." - Cars.com
  • The optional blind spot warning system "has a small icon easily washed out by sunlight. We had to look at the mirror so intently to see if the icon were illuminated, we might has well have just turned our heads a little farther and manually checked the blind spots." -- Car and Driver


The 2009 STS' trunk is a letdown, measuring just 13.8 cubic feet -- numbers we'd expect for a smaller car. 

  • Trunk volume is "at the low end for this segment." -- Cars.com
  • "Trunk space is unexceptional for STS's exterior size. The trunklid hinges don't intrude into the cargo area, and liftover is low. However, a small opening limits the size of items that can be loaded. Small-item storage is limited to a smallish center console and less-than-generous glove box." -- Consumer Guide

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