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2009 Chevrolet Colorado Review

This review was written when the 2009 Chevrolet Colorado was new.

With a new-for-2009 V8 engine, Chevrolet is hoping that the Colorado can overcome its also-ran status in the compact truck class.

As the Edmunds sums up, "The 2009 Chevrolet Colorado is an attractively styled light-duty pickup that appears competitive on paper. But out in the real world where passenger comfort and overall build quality really count, it doesn't quite measure up." While consumers, wary of the possibility that gas prices might rise again, may be turning to compact trucks, competitors have been making the segment more attractive to new truck buyers.  Interiors have become more car-like and comfortable. However, most reviewers say that when it comes to car-like refinement, the Colorado has a ways to go.

 The Colorado's fans focus on its exterior, which looks like "the most pugnacious, in-your-face, muscle-bound little dude in your high school class," according to the Washington Post. The Colorado also gets some reviewer praise for its new V8 engine and tight ZQ8 suspension.  However, other reviewers question the place of a V8 Colorado in Chevy's lineup, given that a fully-loaded V8 Colorado doesn't have the capabilities of the larger Chevrolet Silverado, but can quickly come close to the bigger truck in price.

General Motors, Chevrolet's parent company, has recently declared bankruptcy. While the company says that business should continue as usual, the bankruptcy could add a layer of uncertainty for GM buyers. However, those who are able to stomach the uncertainty may be able to get a great deal on a new Chevrolet. Check out What GM's Bankruptcy Means for You to answer any questions you have before buying.

If you're looking to purchase a pickup, consider the Toyota Tacoma. If you prefer an American model, check out the Dodge Dakota. If you think the Colorado is the truck for you, check out our Chevrolet Deals to see what specials and incentives are available on the Colorado.

  • "Chevrolet's Colorado and GMC's Canyon focus on casual pickup users, assuming heavy haulers will move up to the larger Silverado and Sierra. Given that mission, these are useful, well-balanced small trucks." -- Consumer Guide
  • "The compact and midsize pickup truck market -- inhabited by the likes of the 2009 Chevrolet Colorado among others -- could see renewed interest in the next few years by consumers who might not need the capacity or bulk of a full-size truck, but still need a vehicle with a bed -preferably one that doesn't cost a fortune to fill up. While in any other year the addition of a V-8 for the Colorado would be good news, the new engine's release is a case unfortunate timing in light of current market issues." -- Motor Trend
  • "The Colorado has always been a favorite among cross-shopping consumers because of its extensive lineup and numerous options." -- Cars.com
  • "While I believe there's lots of room for small trucks in the market, I have a tough time understanding why a consumer would spend this much money on a truck with fewer capabilities than its full-size brother and few real advantages other than it's easier to put in the garage. (The I-4 Colorado makes sense, and the I-5 does as well, but the V-8 version is just a Silverado in lesser sheet metal.)" -- Detroit News
Review Last Updated: 6/24/09

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