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Used Car: 2011 Dodge Charger Review

Review Last Updated: 7/11/12

The sporty 2011 Dodge Charger comes with outstanding safety ratings and benefits from several upgrades to its interior quality and performance, but trails other 2011 large cars in terms of reliability.

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The 2011 Dodge Charger offers some significant improvements over the 2010 model. Along with refreshed exterior styling, Dodge added a more-powerful base engine to the lineup and updated the Charger’s interior with higher-quality materials. When it was new, reviewers approved of the Charger’s new base V6 engine, which provided a much needed power boost. However, many felt that the five-speed automatic transmission was not a good match. The Charger is available with a powerful V8 engine and all-wheel drive, which makes it stand out among other used large cars.

Dodge retuned the Charger’s suspension with a sportier ride in mind, but reviewers felt that the car’s size impeded its handling and that the steering lacked feel. Still, most reviewers agreed that the Charger handles better than previous models. The Charger also improved on the safety front, offering top-of-the-class performance in crash tests.

Reviewers were impressed with the Charger’s interior when it was new. The 2011 Charger does away with the cheap materials that lined the interior of the 2010 model. Reviewers thought that the seats were comfortable for the most part, but noted that headroom was limited in the back seat for taller passengers. Like the 2011 Chrysler 300, the Charger features a standard touch-screen infotainment system. Even with the interior upgrades, the base Charger still lacks the refinement and comfort of some competing large cars. In terms of reliability, the Charger also lags behind much of the competition with one of the lowest scores in the class.

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Other Cars to Consider

The 2011 Ford Taurus, which was named our 2011 Best Family Sedan for the Money, is worth checking out because of its good performance, high-quality interior and excellent safety scores. The Taurus offers better interior comfort and better reliability ratings, which might appeal to many used large car shoppers. The Taurus lacks the Charger’s sporty disposition, but if you’re looking for a large car with tons of cargo space, you’ll appreciate the Taurus’ huge trunk.

If you’re looking for a more refined large sedan, take a look at the 2011 Buick LaCrosse. The LaCrosse can’t rival the Charger’s sporting intentions, but it has a spacious, comfortable and luxurious interior that reviewers compared with more expensive cars. In terms of fuel economy, the base LaCrosse gets better ratings, but it’s also a lot less powerful. Still, reviewers felt that the LaCrosse was pleasing to drive, even if it lacked the Charger’s power. In addition, the LaCrosse offers high safety scores and much stronger reliability ratings.

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