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Original MSRP: $27,335 - $38,095
MPG: 14 City / 19 Hwy
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2008 Dodge Durango Review

This review was written when the 2008 Dodge Durango was new.

The Durango is a big, rugged SUV for hauling and towing that handles well for its size and delivers exceptional cargo space and seating for up to eight. However, the base V6 engine is weak, and styling, both inside and out, is seen as dated.

Even though freshened modestly for the 2007 model year, the Durango is based on an almost five-year old design that shows its age both inside and outside of the vehicle. While the base V6 Durango is almost universally seen as weak and underpowered, both V8 engine options generate mostly favorable test drives.  Another strike against the weak V6 is that its fuel economy is on par with the more powerful V8 engines in the class. Braking and handling are very competitive, however, but some reviewers still suggest that other SUVs may offer better performance.

  • "It's tough enough to handle heavy duty and civilized enough for all-around use."-- Car and Driver
  • "It is mostly a job well done. It could have been done better had DaimlerChrysler concentrated on making the Durango one thing -- a good five-passenger SUV -- instead of trying to make it double as a minivan and school bus."  -- Washington Post.
  • "Overall, the Durango made a wonderful impression -- enough to send you shopping when you weren't in the market. But there were rough spots to give pause." -- USA Today
  • "The Durango is probably just rowdy enough to thumb its nose at more soft-spoken competitors like the Honda Pilot and the Toyota Highlander, without cannibalizing Dodge's own minivan customers. Unless they glance inside." -- U.S. News' Rick Newman
Review Last Updated: 3/10/09

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