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2009 Dodge Ram 1500 Review

This review was written when the 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 was new.

The Dodge Ram is all new for 2009, and has the only coil-over suspension on the full-size truck market -- which gives the Ram what some reviewers say is the best ride and handling in the class

It's a good time to be a full-size truck buyer.  Reviewers say that it's tough to make a bad choice in this competitive class, and the 2009 Dodge Ram, fresh off a full redesign, manages to keep pace with its toughest competitors. A few reviewers even say the Ram surpasses the competition in many areas.

The 2009 Dodge Ram surprises a lot of reviewers with its car-like (yes, car-like) ride and handling, high-tech interior and useful exterior features. The 2009 Ram won a recent Edmunds  four-way comparison that also included the Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado and Toyota Tundra. Explaining the victory, Edmunds says, "The Dodge Ram impresses us with a solid performance, an understated ability to tow the socks off some others, a feature-laden presentation and rugged good looks. Oh, and those coil springs? After this, many of us won't have our truck any other way." 

As for the automotive press, many of them were already impressed by the Ram.  The 2009 Dodge Ram has won many awards, including Motor Week's Best Pickup Driver's Choice Award, was an Editor's Choice for Car and Driver, and was named "Best Fullsize Pickup Truck of Texas" by the Texas Auto Writers Association. It was also Truckin' Magazine's Truck of The Year.

For 2009, the Ram's suspension has gone from being a leaf-spring to a coil-over set up, making the ride more stable without sacrificing towing or hauling capabilities. Three engines are available, and while most reviewers recommend buyers avoid it, the Ram has one of the only V6 engines available in the class.  As is typical for Dodge, the 2009 Ram sports aggressive, masculine styling, but also comes with a hefty dose of daily-use practicality, thanks to an interior and exterior stuffed with lockable and watertight cubbies. 

  • "Dodge now has the most comfortable half-ton on the market, and there's absolutely no trade-off in capability." -- Automobile Magazine
  • "The new Ram is a significant step forward in half-ton truck ride and handling. And that ride quality is now closer to that of a car than any body-on-frame pickup yet." -- Popular Mechanics
  • "We think new Ram owners will find the improved ride comfort and handling a more-than-fair tradeoff for trailering and payload ratings that just equal what the Ram could do in 2008, rather than chasing ever-higher towing and hauling numbers, trying to beat the competition." -- PickupTrucks.com
  • "For its part, the 2009 Ram is a significant improvement in every area. And in a few areas, it's a quantum leap forward." -- Orlando Sentinel
  • "With the redesigned 2009 Dodge Ram 1500, Chrysler LLC proves that it's quite serious about competing in the full-size pickup segment. This newest Ram is not only the best pickup ever from Dodge, but also one of the best from any automaker. The Texas Autowriters Association has named it the "Texas Truck of the Year" for 2009." -- Fort Worth Star-Telegram
  • "The 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie managed to surprise us with its excellent performance and handling, as well as its well-appointed cabin and tech. This is definitely a great option for the sophisticated truck buyer." -- CNET
  • "The general excellence of the redesigned-for-2009 Dodge Ram provides a hedge against despair. It proves that, if and when Dodge really wants to build a class-leading vehicle -- if the company's collective heart is really in it, as it certainly wasn't when it designed trash like the Dodge Nitro -- it certainly can. Powerful, well crafted, thought through, completely desirable, the new Ram feels like a huge win for the company, a knockout punch thrown while flat on the canvas. If Chrysler can do it, maybe Detroit itself can do it. Maybe we all can." -- Los Angeles Times
  • "The pickup wars just got a lot more interesting.
    Instead of trying to create a truck that is bigger, badder and can tow more manure, Dodge decided to make the 2009 Ram better. It's a lesson in humility that would benefit many carmakers." -- Detroit News
Review Last Updated: 10/5/09

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