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MPG: 13 City / 17 Hwy
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2007 Ford Crown Victoria Review

This review was written when the 2007 Ford Crown Victoria was new.

The Crown Victoria offers a classic, comfortable and durable ride with few modern features and plain vanilla styling. Unless you are set on purchasing a large, affordable rear-wheel drive car, many other vehicles should be on your shopping list, including the Toyota Avalon.

The 2007 Ford Crown Victoria is noted by almost every reviewer for being a basic, comfortable rear-wheel drive V8 car, but it is also universally found to be dated and surpassed in almost every way by newer competition. Although the 2007 model provides capable acceleration, soft seating, generous cargo space and notable durability, the Ford Crown Victoria has remained much the same from its decade-old design. "The latest Crown Victoria nicely combines some old-style American big car attributes with modern auto technology," says MSN. "A definitive American sedan, the Crown Victoria appeals most to drivers who remember first-hand the classic cars from the 1960s. Otherwise, the Crown Vic is best left to the professionals" (meaning taxis, police and fleets), concludes Automobile Magazine. And Kelley Blue Book chimes in, adding that with the "huge trunk, V8 power and relatively good fuel economy, the Crown Victoria has much to offer those in need of such features," but also reports that the Crown Victoria exemplifies "the word 'stalwart.' "

The Crown Victoria, with its noted reliability and affordability, is strengthened by sales from fleets, taxi cab companies and police departments. The Crown Victoria will only be sold to fleets beginning with the 2008 model year. "Police departments like the Crown Vic because the V-8 makes it fairly quick, the rear-wheel drive provides predictable handling, the interior has enough space for an officer and all his gear, the simple mechanicals are durable, and the cars aren't expensive," says Automobile Magazine. "A throwback from an earlier era, the rear-drive, body-on-frame Ford Crown Victoria offers decent value for budget-minded buyers who want lots of room and V8 power," adds Edmunds. On the negative side, IntelliChoice gives the base model 2007 Ford Crown Victoria a value rating of "poor" for its predicted 5-year cost of ownership compared with other vehicles in its class. Edmunds notes that the Crown Victoria has a "low price", but at the same time, Kelley Blue Book counters that the "V8 power is undeniably attractive, and the roomy interior is hard to beat, especially considering the Crown Victoria starts around $25,000." Edmunds auto writers conclude that more "demanding shoppers will prefer the refinement, agility and style of its newer competition."

Review Last Updated: 5/5/08

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