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2008 Ford Econoline Review

This review was written when the 2008 Ford Econoline was new.

The Ford Econoline, now more commonly called the E-Series, offers a good choice of powerful engines and a spacious interior, but its aging design has left it behind competitors in terms of safety or interior comfort.

The Ford E-Series vans have been around for more than four decades. The current design dates to 1996 and has undergone only minor changes since. This is an aging vehicle and some reviews suggest that it's dated. "What's New?" asks Automobile Magazine. "This year or this decade? Either way, nothing significant is new."

But the E-Series has a powerful choice of engines and a spacious interior. And the reviewer for The Auto Channel found that even an aging van has its charms. "I was impressed with the Econoline. It brought back great memories of our family traveling around the country in our van." The available trims on the E-Series break down into two categories -- those that are intended for use as passenger vans and those that are built for commercial use. The basic passenger vans are the E-150 XL and XLT trims, with seating for eight or seven passengers, depending on the configuration. The more powerful E-350 models are intended for commercial use carrying either cargo or up to 15 passengers (in the extended length model). Unfortunately, all models are short on safety features and lack the interior comfort of more state-of-the-art vehicles. If you're shopping for a passenger van, check out the GMC Savana.

  • "These vans have been the full-size gold standard for decades, and continue to be so. Offered in commercial van and wagon editions, they're tough haulers that can serve a wide range of duties." -- Car and Driver
  • "I'd like to pack a tent and camping gear in the back of an Econoline and make a similar six-week trip to see how it would hold out. We had a lot of fun with this van." -- The Auto Channel
  • "If you don't absolutely need seating capacity for nine adults, or have a true commercial-grade use for the van, there's no good reason to burden yourself with driving such a large, unsophisticated vehicle, especially when prices quickly rise far north of $30,000." -- Automobile Magazine
Review Last Updated: 1/14/10

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