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2009 Ford F-150 Interior

This interior review was written when the 2009 Ford F-150 was new.

By and large, reviews of the 2009 Ford F-150's interior are positive.  Reviewers are particularly impressed with the available high-tech cabin features, but also report that comfort and utility are in good supply as well. 

  • "Another bragging point is the pickup's well-turned-out cabin, which is almost as quiet as a luxury car's due to extra sound insulation." -- Automobile Magazine
  • The cabin remains truck-like, with a squared-off, nearly vertical dash-front and big, easy-to-use knobs. The interior can be upgraded with numerous niceties, including wood trim, leather seats, a power moonroof, and navigation and backup systems" -- BusinessWeek
  • "We've sampled most, if not all of the trims - it's hard to tell which one you're in from time to time - and we feel comfortable saying they are all damn nice places to be." -- Jalopnik
  • "Looking at the high-end Platinum interior, it's clear that change has come. It's a revision that leaves it more car-like than ever. " -- Left Lane News
  • "Ford has a lead against just about every competitor in clever details." -- Motor Trend

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Most reviewers concentrate their praise on the F-150's interior features, rather than its seats.  Still, those that mention the seats are largely positive.  A few reviewers report that rear-seat legroom is improved in the Crew Cab, and that comfort overall is good.

  • "More importantly, Ford has redesigned its seats to offer a more bolstered and comfortable seating position. The front door is slightly larger and that pushes the B-pillar back slightly, offering the driver a better view out of the cab." -- Detroit News
  • "The captain's chair front seats in my test truck were downright luxurious, and leg space in the back seat was impressive. Rear leg-room is rated at 43.5 inches, more than any model expect the Tundra. The rear seats also fold up against the back wall of the cab, creating a space for hauling big objects inside the cabin. " -- BusinessWeek
  • +"The crew cab's cabin is genuinely spacious. Rear-seat legroom is huge." -- Kansas City Star

Interior Features

The majority of reviewers are very pleased with the interior features on the 2009 F-150.  Many report that not only does the F-150 feature materials that range from utilitarian and easy-to-clean to luxurious, but that the truck's interior features a thoughtful and attractive design. Some reviewers express surprise at the quality and quantity of high-tech features available.  Buyers can outfit the F-150 with Ford's SYNC voice-controlled infotainment system, a top-notch Sony stereo, various types of auxiliary audio inputs, and Navigation.  Some reviewers also point out systems that are likely to appeal to buyers using their trucks for work, including a RFID tagging system that can help inventory tools, and an in-cab computing system that even includes Wi-Fi and a printer.

  • "Lower-line models are rather stark inside, but even though the tested uplevel Lariat has few padded surfaces, it features faux wood and aluminum trim that helps dress up a two-tone cabin that looks about as good as hard plastic can."-- Consumer Guide
  • "A USB port at the bottom of the stack accepts iPods, Zunes, other MP3 players, and USB thumb drives, indexing the music on any device and making it accessible with voice command. The Sony audio system is another luxury in the F-150, using 10 speakers and 700 watts of amplification." -- CNET
  • With newly sculpted, leather covered driver and front passenger seats in place, comfort on long hauls is better than it has been in a long time. The dashboard reminds you of a near-luxury car, which begs the question "Why drive a truck, anyway?" Wood trim accents the brushed aluminum-like finish of the plastic areas around the dashboard." -- Left Lane News
  • "Our favorite feature is the all-new navigation and infotainment system. It provides real-time traffic, local fuel prices and incredibly useful radar maps of the weather. It's a must-have for any F-150 buyer purchasing a truck for frequent towing over long distances; the system will help those drivers save time, purchase fuel at relatively low prices and arrive at their destination safely and on time." -- PickupTrucks.com
  • "The navigation system can join forces with Sirius Travel Link to locate the cheapest fuel, give real-time traffic information, and provide weather reports. Like the systems in the new Ford Flex and the Lincoln MKS, this setup looks and works about ten times better than Ford's previous sat-nav efforts." -- Automobile Magazine
  • "Also, Ford is offering a package called Work Solutions. Designed for the truck-based entrepreneur, the system offers high-speed Internet access, navigation, fleet tracking and PC programs such as Microsoft Excel and Word, all built into the dash-mounted LCD display. With a wireless keyboard and printer, you can type out and print invoices right there in the client's driveway." --Los Angeles Times
  • "The system also includes Tool Link: You can put radio-frequency identity (RFID) tags on your tools, and the truck will electronically inventory them every time you start the engine and remind you if a tool is missing. Also handy is a heavy-duty, self-spooling cable lock that keeps tools from walking off." -- Los Angeles Times
  • "One convenience option that's conspicuously missing: There's no rear-seat entertainment system in the F-150, as there is in the Ram, Tundra, and Silverado." -- BusinessWeek


Most reviewers are pleased with the interior storage options in the 2009 Ford F-150, saying they are a good compliment to the innovative cargo options on the truck's exterior. The deep center consol, which can hold laptops and hanging files is a particular reviewer favorite, as is the flat load floor in the rear seat of the Crew Cab.  With the rear seat folded up, many reviewers say that space is idea for carrying large items, like a flat screen TV.

  • "There are little creature comforts that add to it. There are more than 30 storage areas around the cab. The center console was made slightly bigger to accommodate file folders or hold a laptop. There are also two 12-volt outlets inside every cab to make sure all of those electronics stay charged up." -- Detroit News
  • "For instance, if you buy a truck equipped with a center console, the storage bin between the seats is designed to hold hanging folders. We haven't used hanging folders since our engineering days, but that's a pretty cool idea - especially for the contractor on the go. " -- Jalopnik
  • "The flat rear floor contributes to a large weatherproof storage space when the back seat is folded." -- Kansas City Star
Review Last Updated: 7/16/09

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