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2010 Ford Transit Connect Review

This review was written when the 2010 Ford Transit Connect was new.

It may be quirky and hard to categorize, but the 2010 Ford Transit Connect may be just what small business owners need.

It's tough to figure out just how to categorize the 2010 Ford Transit Connect. It's built on a car platform and only has a four-cylinder engine, but it's meant to replace gas-guzzling full-size cargo vans. It can be stuffed with high-tech tools to make work easier, but lacks basic creature comforts like power doors. It can haul more stuff than a Chevy Suburban, but can turn as tightly as a midsize sedan. Even the EPA isn't sure what it is, classifying it as a "special use vehicle." What do you do with a car like that?

If you're the automotive press, you vote it North American Truck of the Year. And if you're a business owner, you put it to work. Edmunds says the Transit Connect is "a new type of compact work van that should appeal to small business owners who don't have heavy-duty hauling needs."

The 2010 Ford Transit Connect wasn't built to appeal to everyone. Its purpose is to fulfill the needs of business owners who need fuel-efficient vehicles to haul large -- but not necessarily heavy -- loads around town. The Transit Connect comes with a basic interior, but buyers can opt for systems that help them track tools, invoices, payments, and even the other Transit Connects in their fleets, saving on fuel and time.  

The Transit Connect has a large cargo area, but thanks to its car-based platform, the cargo area is low to the ground and easy to access. What's more, buyers can have the cargo hold customized with various shelving packages to suit their business needs.

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Other Vans to Consider

Because it's car-based, but meant to be put to work, the Transit Connect is compared to full-size vans and the panel version of the Chevrolet HHR wagon, and it slots between the two in price. It costs about $4,000 less than most large cargo and passenger vans, but $2,000 more than the HHR. Most reviewers say that it can handle the duties of both admirably. It's easier to drive and uses less fuel than a full-size van, and has a lot more cargo space than the HHR.

However, if you're looking for a people hauler, you'll want to look elsewhere. While other cargo vans have passenger versions that can seat up to 15 people, the Transit Connect is meant to seat only two. There's an optional rear bench, but reviewers say it's somewhat cramped and even then the seating capacity only rises to five. Also, this isn't the van for you if you need to haul heavy loads. While the Transit Connect's 1,600-pound hauling capacity is impressive for a car-based vehicle, it may not be able to handle heavy-duty deliveries. If you need to haul a lot of people or heavy cargo, check out vans like the Ford E-Series or Chevrolet Express.

Details: Ford Transit Connect

The Transit Connect comes in Van or Wagon configurations. The wagon features an optional second-row seat. It comes in the base XL trim or the higher-level XLT. All Transit Connects are front-wheel drive.

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  • "This van is not designed for driver gratification; it's all business. As an urban commercial hauler, it's great and even a little bit distinctive." -- Car and Driver
  • "The Transit Connect is European chic with a Puritan work ethic." -- Detroit News
  • "In the end, the Transit Connect is a modern-looking compact truck that will do the style- and efficiency-conscious business owner proud." -- Motor Trend
  • "Overall: Wonderful. Makes you want to open a shop so you can have one for deliveries." -- USA TODAY
  • "The Transit Connect seems poised to be all things to all businesses, and considering the lack of alternatives, we think it's got a serious chance at wide-spread success." -- Autoblog
  • "The Transit Connect occupies the same territory as the old-as-nails Econoline van, but manages the same job in a smaller, lighter, friendlier way." -- Jalopnik
Review Last Updated: 3/10/10

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