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2012 Honda CR-Z Review

Review Last Updated: 10/9/13

These scores and this review are from when the car was new.

Reviewers think the 2012 Honda CR-Z is the best-performing hybrid car on the market, but warn shoppers that it isn’t the most fuel-efficient or spacious one available.

The Honda CR-Z is more frivolous than practical. It has great performance for a hybrid, but its fuel economy ratings are low for a hybrid, and some gas-only affordable small cars are more fuel-efficient. It’s also the only hybrid that seats just two people. Test drivers say that combined with poor rear visibility, these flaws may make the 2012 Honda CR-Z hard to live with.

Honda tried to accomplish a lot with the 2012 Honda CR-Z. Automotive journalists agree that the CR-Z is a good attempt, but they don’t think the automaker created a hybrid that meshes high fuel economy ratings and sporty performance seamlessly. With these factors in mind, the CR-Z is best suited for shoppers in the market for a hybrid with good performance, but don’t mind lower fuel economy ratings and no rear seats.

Other Cars to Consider

The Mini Cooper’s funky exterior will appeal to shoppers considering the futuristic CR-Z, as will its outstanding handling abilities and ample power. While the Cooper has better performance than the CR-Z, its spunky, gas-only powertrain means fuel economy is lower. If you are willing to pay a little more for the Cooper, keep in mind that it seats up to four, but has less cargo space.

The Toyota Prius has the highest fuel economy ratings of any hybrid car on the market, but its impressive ratings come at a cost because performance is uninspiring and dull. But if you want to save money at the pump, the Prius’ exceptional fuel economy makes it a great choice. Five seats and more cargo space are additional bonuses.

Details: 2012 Honda CR-Z

The CR-Z is available in base, EX and EX with navigation models. There is only one update to the CR-Z for the 2012 model year: Black seat fabric is available with models with a black exterior.

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  • "While the idea of a sporty car that's also a gas/electric hybrid is a bit puzzling, we can't complain much about Honda's execution of the concept. CR-Z gets great fuel economy while being solidly built, pretty fun to drive, and not outrageously priced. Its 2-passenger seating, small cargo area, and restricted visibility will limit its appeal. However, if you want to lower your fuel consumption and have a good time doing it, you'd do well to check out this Recommended sporty hatchback." -- Consumer Guide
  • "There will be some people who just fall in love with the CR-Z. They will look past the things so many see as detriments. They will be those willing to admit they don't need everything in a single vehicle and use the CR-Z as a tool for getting around in style. They know that not everyone needs a back seat for imaginary friends who will never ride in their car." -- The Detroit News
  • "Ultimately, although the CR-Z can be good, it's a compromise. And that's a shame, because it could be even better." -- Car and Driver

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