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2007 Honda Civic Hybrid Review

This review was written when the 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid was new.

The Civic Hybrid competes effectively with the Toyota Prius, although gas mileage doesn't quite match the Prius in around-town driving. If you're in the market for an affordable small car and aren't exclusively looking at hybrids, you should also consider Honda's other well-liked options: the conventional Civic and the Fit.

The 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid garners solid praise for its sleek, futuristic redesign and its fuel-sipping habits. As USA TODAY sums up, the Civic Hybrids are "dandy to drive, nice to view, better than its predecessor and welcome in a time of $3-a-gallon gasoline." Automobile Magazine compares the Civic Hybrid to one its top hybrid competitors, the Toyota Prius, and finds the Civic Hybrid is "a car that's better to drive," rating the overall experience as "impressive." Many others, however, share CNET's complaint that acceleration is "decidedly underwhelming."

Most auto writers contend that hybrids should be bought because they save the environment, not a few extra pennies, and the same holds true with the pricey-for-its-class 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid. As Automobile.com says, "doing the right thing has a price," and owning the Civic Hybrid might be "even more out of reach of those needs driven consumers who could use the fuel savings most." IntelliChoice gives the 2007 Civic Hybrid a rating of "excellent" for its predicted five-year total cost of ownership compared to others in its class.

The 2007 Civic Hybrid comes only as a four-door sedan.

Review Last Updated: 5/2/08

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