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2008 Honda Fit Review

This review was written when the 2008 Honda Fit was new.

The Fit's configurable cabin, numerous standard amenities and peppy performance secure its place as one of the top affordable small cars and hatchbacks. With the escalating gas prices, it's also an economical purchase for its good fuel mileage.

Reviewers commend the 2008 Honda Fit's all-around appeal compared to similarly styled and powered subcompacts. Back in 2007, both Motor Trend and Road and Track conducted comparison tests featuring the Fit, Toyota Yaris and Nissan Versa. Both tests concluded the Fit is the standout of those three for its fun-to-drive demeanor on city streets, as well as its utility. Motor Trend calls the Fit "the right choice for the enthusiast who wants a car that handles twisties as well as it does chores, saves gas, and eases your budget." To Road and Track, the Fit is "the most fun to drive" of the three. A four-door hatchback, the 2008 Fit was introduced in the United States just last year in two trims, the base model or Fit Sport.

The 2008 Honda Fit has won more than comparison tests. It was selected as one of Car and Driver's 10Best for 2008, as well as one of Car and Driver's Top 10 Urban Vehicles. In 2007, the Fit received Popular Mechanics' Automotive Excellence Award. "For a small, so-called B-Car, the Fit has what may be class-leading handling, ride, steering feel and brakes," Popular Mechanics writes, adding, "Then, toss in the Fit's surprising interior adaptability with seats that flip, fold and offer more passenger and cargo carrying combinations than many minivans. Finally, Honda's hallmark quality and attention to detail…mean the sum of the parts makes the Fit seem much more than just another B-Car."

  • "Not only does the Fit deliver what you'd expect -- high mpg numbers and low ownership costs -- but it also delivers something you might not: high-quality interior appointments, a high level of usefulness, and a high fun-to-drive index." -- Car and Driver
  • "At first you want to drive it because it looks neat. Then, after utilizing its fantastically thought-out interior, you respect it for its usability." -- Road and Track
  • "It's a lot of fun to drive -- a car that you can be proud to own."-- Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  • "You'd be hard pressed to find a car that can do so much with so little and be so lovable doing it. The Fit is one-half of the perfect two-car garage. Or even one-quarter." -- Los Angeles Times
  • Disagreeing with most experts, CNET says the Fit offers "low-speed power, maneuverability, nice cabin materials, and plenty of room inside for occupants and cargo. But even with these practical points, it's a car that doesn't live up to its potential." -- CNET
Review Last Updated: 2/17/09

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