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Used Car: 2011 Honda Insight Review

Review Last Updated: 5/19/15

Though it’s a small hybrid, the 2011 Honda Insight has good cargo space and performance, along with class-leading fuel economy ratings and a high safety score.

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The Insight has a 1.3-liter four-cylinder engine and an electric motor. More than one reviewer called this setup sporty, and thought the Insight steered and braked like a gas-only car, which are big compliments in the hybrid world. Still, a few reviewers thought that the Insight was underpowered, though that isn’t uncommon for a hybrid. With fuel economy averages of 40/43 mpg city/highway, the Insight has some of the highest fuel economy ratings in the class. It also has an excellent safety score.

Auto critics said the Insight’s interior is well-made and that the controls are easy to use, but rear-seat space is limited. The front seats are comfortable, but reviewers complained about the headroom in the back seat. On the other hand, the Insight has good cargo space for a hybrid. If you want Bluetooth, a USB port or navigation, you’ll have to upgrade to the LX trim or higher, as none of these features are available on the base Insight.

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Other Cars to Consider                                

The 2011 Chevrolet Cruze is available as an Eco model that gets up to 38/42 mpg/city highway, making its highway fuel economy ratings just shy of the Honda Insight’s. If you choose the Cruze Eco over the Insight, you’ll also get top-notch safety scores, better performance, more room for passengers, a lot of trunk space and an interior that feels upscale for an affordable small car.

Though they’re developed by the same automaker, the 2011 Honda Civic Hybrid and Insight have their differences. Their fuel economy ratings are identical, though the Insight trumps the Civic Hybrid with higher safety ratings. If you want a more traditional-looking hybrid, the Civic Hybrid is the better choice because it’s only available as a sedan. You will have to sacrifice performance, though, because reviewers knocked it for being slow to accelerate. The Civic Hybrid also has a lot less trunk space than the Insight.

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