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2007 Honda S2000 Interior

This interior review was written when the 2007 Honda S2000 was new.

Like its ride quality, most reviewers agree that the S2000's interior design doesn't lend itself well to daily driving. "The cockpit retains a snug fit better suited for hard runs on back roads than daily commuting," says Edmunds. Reviewers complain of limited features and a dated design. Even so, many auto writers assert that the S2000's layout is functional.

"The S2000's instrument cluster would have a high-tech look to it," asserts CNET, "if this were 1995. . . . it's time for an update." Nevertheless, many reviewers assert that the S2000 possesses a simple, functional and well-designed dash. "The S2000's cockpit is all business. With only basic convenience features provided," says Edmunds, "nearly all the controls you'll ever need are mounted within a finger extension of the steering wheel."


Though Honda may have intended for the S2000's bucket seats to fit snugly, many reviewers complain that the layout leaves them feeling cramped. Kelley Blue Book describes the seat design as being "deeply contoured," and Edmunds explains, "The laterally bolstered seats hold the driver and passenger tightly during aggressive cornering." Larger passengers, however, may feel generally uncomfortable, as "anyone taller than 6 feet will find the S2000 to be cramped," says the Arizona Republic. "Anyone carrying extra girth will need the jaws of life to get out from behind the wheel. I felt like a Shriner driving this thing. Or maybe a circus bear." The Boston Globe adds that the "encompassing leather seats make you feel like you are wearing your car."

Interior Features

Most auto writers note that the S2000's interior cabin lacks many of the modern convenience features found on other cars in its class. Though Honda offers few accessories for purchase, no factory-installed options are made available. "The cabin of the S2000 is very dated -- with no ability to play music from MP3 players -- and in bad need of a modern makeover," complains CNET. "There is also no Bluetooth or navigation option."

Among other standard interior features, the S2000 features a four-way manual adjustment driver's seat, leather upholstery and a rear wind deflector.

Stereo and Entertainment

Standard on the 2007 S2000 is an eight-speaker AM/FM/CD/XM Ready sound system with four integrated roll bar speakers. Though auto writers at CNET say that it sounds "very good," they also complain: "The stereo head unit was another matter. It has a single CD slot, but can't handle MP3 or WMA CDs. Satellite radio and an eight-disc changer are optional [after-market], but the small display on the stereo would make channel selection difficult." Kelley Blue Book adds that the "headrest-mounted speakers are the only way to really hear your music when both the top and the accelerator pedal are down." The Orlando Sentinel notes: "The stereo is hidden behind a flip-down panel, and when it's flipped down, it invades the little knee space available. But the basic controls are duplicated by buttons to the left of the steering wheel, so you can generally leave the panel unflipped."


The S2000 offers 5.0 cubic feet of cargo space, which Kelley Blue Book says is "small" but "usable." Consumer Guide advises, "Pack light," as the trunk only "holds a fair number of plastic grocery bags or a couple of day packs." Even so, Edmunds asserts that such cargo volume "is about average for this class of car."

The S2000 also comes standard with a center console storage compartment.

Review Last Updated: 5/6/08

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