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2007 Hyundai Santa Fe Interior

This interior review was written when the 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe was new.

Reviewers are impressed with the interior of the 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe, which was completely redesigned with the rest of the vehicle. Motor Week says the "interior design is the best yet from Hyundai" and Edmunds says, "Hyundai spent a lot of time on interior design, and the result is a very attractive dash and high-quality materials."

For the first time, the Santa Fe offers an optional third row of seats, putting passenger capacity at seven, though as USA TODAY says, the third row "should be considered a kids only area."

"Inside, the Santa Fe is all about refinement," says Autobytel. Many reviewers note that the interior has a high-quality look and feel, especially for its price. BusinessWeek says, "Santa Fe's interior is nice for such an inexpensive vehicle. The workmanship of the leather interior in my test vehicle was good, and the wood trim on the dash and doors added a touch of elegance."


Beginning this year, the 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe offers an optional third seat. The third seat brings seating capacity up to seven passengers, though most reviewers note that carrying adults in the third seat for all but the shortest rides would not be comfortable. USA TODAY says the third seat "should be considered a kids only area," and, as Autobytel quips, "Just avoid sitting back there for any length of time unless you have a thing for your chiropractor." Still, the back row is on par with other vehicles in its class. About.com finds the third row "unpleasant but not worse than its rivals" and says that access to it is "dead easy."

Reviewers were generally happy in the first two rows, which have had both headroom and legroom expanded in the new models. MSN says, "the front and second row seat areas are roomy and occupants sit high." However, Edmunds thought that was uncomfortable for the driver. "One of our few complaints about the Santa Fe's interior involves the driving position: The seats are mounted too high up front, and short seat-bottom cushions provide minimal thigh support for taller adults." And the reviewer at the Chicago Tribune echoes another common complaint: "Inside, there's lots of space to flail arms and head in the front or second row, but second-row knee room is a tad confined unless you recline the seat backs."

Interior Features

"Interior design is among the best yet from Hyundai," says Motor Week. MSN adds, "the quiet, user-friendly interior has nice materials." Reviewers like that you don't have to go to the highest trim level to get a quality-looking interior. New Car Test Drive says "even the base GLS has nice luxury touches that include realistic looking, but fake wood-trim accents across the width of the dashboard, surrounding the shifter and along the door panels." Reviewers praise touches such as extendable visors, which The Auto Channel says "give just that much more sun protection to the front passengers."

Reviewers all like the blue backlighting for controls at night, which even lights up the cupholders. The Chicago Tribune says it's "like adding a little jewelry to complement an outfit." Autobytel adds, "Take the Santa Fe for a drive a night and you'll be basked in a very trendy and hip looking blue glowing interior. Not only did Hyundai ensure every button, switch and display featured the same blue glow, it went as far to include blue lighting inside the front cup holders. Set a bottle of water inside and watch it glow an electric blue."

All versions of the 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe come with cruise control, power windows, mirrors and doors, and safety features including front and side air bags and side curtain air bags.

Stereo and Entertainment

The 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe comes standard with a six-speaker sound system with XM radio, CD and MP3 capability. For an extra cost, buyers can add an extra speaker and subwoofer on the SE. On the Limited, buyers can add an Infinity 10-speaker system with subwoofer. Those the SE and Limited trims also have an optional rear-seat entertainment system with DVD player, wireless headphones and a flip down monitor.

Most reviewers didn't comment on the sound quality, though MSN says, "the standard 112-watt system, with single CD player, isn't stirring." USA TODAY is not happy with the XM radio display: "Annoying display on the XM radio. It showed the artist and title only at the beginning of each new song, then reverted to telling you the channel name and number. That's the least-useful info, and Hyundai says you can't reprogram the display."


"Cargo volume is generous for class," says Consumer Guide. The Hyundai Santa Fe has 10 cubic feet of cargo room behind the third row of seats and, if those are removed, the space increases to 34.2 cubic feet, "which is a lot," says BusinessWeek. "There's also a handy storage box under the deck of the rear area where you can hide purses, cameras, computers or other valuables."

Many reviewers were impressed at the amount that this SUV could haul. "Although the Santa Fe is one of the smallest midsize SUVs in exterior dimensions it is far from being the smallest inside, a tribute to its space efficient design," says New Car Test Drive. And NewCars.com adds, "The Hyundai Santa Fe is likely a better choice than the average mini SUV with respect to transporting cargo, especially if you often need to carry a lot of suitcases or dogs."

Few reviewers commented on the ease of reconfiguring the seats, though Consumer Guide mentions, "all rear seats fold easily for extra cargo space; dropping third row forms level floor, but not with second row folded."

Review Last Updated: 5/2/08

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