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2007 Hyundai Tiburon Interior

This interior review was written when the 2007 Hyundai Tiburon was new.

The Tiburon's interior is reasonably accommodating and comfortable, at least for most front-seat passengers. "From behind the wheel, the Tiburon looks and feels terrific," says the Detroit News, while at the same time observing that it's "clearly a car built for a driver and perhaps one passenger." Technically, the Tiburon seats four, but reviewers almost unanimously agree that the backseat is strictly for children, pets or cargo. And even the front seats might be too narrow for some. As Car and Driver puts it, "The biggest knock against the Tib is that large Americans may not fit in it." For 2007, the cabin has new blue backlit gauges and chrome accents. Consumer Guide says that the "good-looking cabin trim belies" the Tiburon's price, and "includes ample soft-touch surfaces."


The Tiburon has four passenger seats -- two in the front and two in back. The Los Angeles Times puts their spin on the layout, saying, "The Tiburon is a front-drive fastback with 2-plus-2 seating -- define that as two adults in the front and two bags of groceries in the spine-compressing back seat." Most reviewers echo this sentiment. For instance, the Chicago Tribune writes, "It has a back seat made to hold briefcase or grocery bag and not people, other than the kind that wear diapers." As Kelley Blue Book notes, however, "You may not like this car if you need more rear seating, since legroom back there is minimal; but, if that's the case, you're probably shopping for something else anyway." The cabin in general is tight, as might be expected in a sports car, but the seats, reports Automotive.com, "are comfortable and well bolstered."

Most reviewers were pleased with the front seat accommodations. Up front, says Cars.com, the "seats have aggressive side bolsters that pin love handles in place." Consumer Guide says that "even six-footers should be comfortable" in the front seat, but complains that the available sunroof limits head clearance. About.com appreciates that "the Tiburon gives one the low-slung seating position that a sports car ought to have." MSN explains, "Front occupants sit low in supportive seats," before complaining of a driver-side seat adjustment "that is tedious to use."

The back seat earns few kind words, except as cargo space. "There's minimal legroom once front-seat passengers are situated," explains Cars.com, "and with the rear hatch closed, headroom for adults is scant." The Detroit News is more dramatic, writing: "You want to talk about automotive hell, just spend a little time in the rear seat of the 2+2 Tiburon. It feels as if it were designed by Satan himself. No vents. No cup holders. No headroom. No legroom."

Interior Features

"There are standard amenities aplenty," says the Washington Post, such as air conditioning and an MP3-compatible stereo. Kelley Blue Book contends, "The upper-end SE model, in particular, delivers an exceptional package." Around the dash, "the usual instruments run down the center, with reasonable controls without brain-teasing challenges to figure out," says Automotive.com, while "the gunmetal accents on the panel look nice." Cars.com reports, "The fog and hazard light controls now have flush finishes that would impress a Lexus driver, the dashboard has soft-touch materials and the blue and white gauges look sharp at night."


The trunk of the Tiburon offers 14.8 cubic feet of cargo space, an amount that is increased when the back seat is folded down. The Kansas City Star writes, "The back seat is still quite small, but it folds forward to open up the hatch area for cargo," and deems the trunk "generous." MSN reports: "The large cargo area has a rather high opening. But the hatch isn't difficult to open, and an indented interior area helps yank it closed with a few fingers." The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, on the other hand, finds "the hatch is a tad on the heavy side, making it less than a pleasure to raise and lower." Consumer Guide deems "small-item storage OK," but asserts that "many rivals do better."

Review Last Updated: 5/6/08

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