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2012 Infiniti M Interior

This interior review was created when the car was new. Some links may no longer point to an active page.

Reviewers count the comfortable front seats and user-friendly cabin electronics among the 2012 Infiniti M’s high points. Still, a few test drivers comment that the rear seats may lack head room for taller adults. Interior materials, however, generally receive great reviews thanks to the M’s quality interior materials and Japanese Ash wood trim.

  • "Almost every surface is covered with padding, leather, wood, or metal that looks rich and tasteful. Only the standard fabric headliner falls a bit short of expectations, and that can be cured with the suede-like headliner found in the Deluxe Touring Package." -- Consumer Guide
  • "As for technology, it's hard to think of a rival that betters the M for all the available entertainment, comfort and safety technologies that can be had once you check all the options boxes. In particular, Infiniti's navigation and audio interfaces are some of the most user-friendly in the business." -- Edmunds
  • "Wood and leather set the tone in the inviting M cabin, a luxurious environment in an active, participatory way." -- MSN
  • "But one of our favorite tech advancements could be the simplest one. Intelligent Key allows individual fobs to store seating, mirror and steering wheel position, audio, nav and climate settings." -- Popular Mechanics 
  • "I have two words to describe the M37x's interior: stylish and comfortable." -- Mother Proof 
  • "Not a lot of bling or wow, but solidly business class, clean and arguably luxurious." -- Autoblog 

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The front seats in the Infiniti M, which are 10-way power adjustable and heated, earn positive comments from the automotive press. The M56 also gets front seat ventilation, but if you’re considering the M37, you can still get this feature as part of the Premium Package. Additionally, most test drivers say there’s good head room and leg room up front, but a couple reviewers note that rear-seat head room may not be ideal for some taller passengers.

  • "There's good legroom and ample headroom for even taller drivers, but those long of leg may find their right knee hitting the center console.” -- Consumer Guide
  • "The cabin is quite roomy, offering generous space for occupants and a relatively tall greenhouse that provides good outward visibility." -- Edmunds
  • "The seats are both more supportive and more comfortable, and the rear seat is particularly plush, with a great view out." -- Automobile Magazine 
  • "Backseat room is decent. With a 6-foot-3-inch man sitting in his regular driving position up front, I had ample legroom and decent headroom in the second row. Still, adults may wish for more thigh support from the short backseat cushions." -- Cars.com 
  • "The back seat is 5-series tight instead of E-class spacious." -- Jalopnik  

Interior Features

The Infiniti M’s high-quality interior is dressed with leather, Japanese ash wood and metal trim and garners high praise from most reviewers. The gauges are clear and most auto critics agree that the M’s cabin electronics are among the easiest to use in the luxury large car class. Some test drivers appreciate that the M eschews an all-in-one user interface, such as BMW’s iDrive or Mercedes’ COMAND, to control entertainment, climate and navigation functions. However, one reviewer comments that this decision leaves the M with a dash that’s rather button-heavy.

The M comes standard with Bluetooth and USB connections, a six-speaker stereo with XM Radio, dual-zone climate control and push-button start. If you’re shopping for an M37 and want navigation, you’ll have to add the $3,350 Premium Package, which also adds ventilated seats, a heated steering wheel and a Bose 10-speaker stereo with a 9.3GB hard drive. The M56 comes with the Premium Package’s features as standard equipment. The $3,800 Deluxe Touring Package includes features such as a 16-speaker Bose surround sound stereo, power rear sunshade, silver-powdered white ash wood trim and a suede-like headliner. Also included in this package is a climate control system that features Infiniti’s Forest Air. Not all reviewers like this system, which attempts to mimic a gentle breeze by altering the climate system’s fan speed and the vents it uses. A few test drivers comment that this feature isn’t particularly essential, although they like the air filtering that’s included in the system.

  • "Unlike many cars, the navigation controls are largely separate and don't complicate the audio and climate functions. For the most part, they're handy and simple to use. However, some buttons controlling secondary functions aren't optimally placed." -- Consumer Guide
  • "Infiniti has given the M top-notch cabin design and high-quality materials. As with the car's exterior styling, the cabin's powerful lines call to mind the muscular curves of a bodybuilder flexing on the podium." -- Edmunds
  • "The HVAC’s Breeze mode was either interesting or annoying, take your pick. Creating subtle airflow variations like a forest breeze, it sounded at times like an A/C unit that was turning on and off every few minutes." -- Left Lane News
  • "Infiniti scores well for intuitive, highly functional controls, but is reaching with Forest Air, its trademark for filtered, humidity-controlled air conditioning that alternately blows from upper and lower vents to better mimic natural airflow." -- MSN
  • "In the negative column is button creep. For better or for worse, the new M lacks its German rival’s all-in-one controller pucks (iDrive, COMMAND, MMI) and instead chooses to mimic Lexus by covering nearly every non-wooden surface in the cabin with a button. Including the starter, we counted 55." -- Autoblog
  • "Inside, there's also an utterly unnecessary piece of technology called ’Forest Air’ that can vary the speed of air through the HVAC system to make it feel kinda like a breeze. It's unnoticeable unless you hold your hand in front of one of the vents, but spoiled drivers will appreciate the system's ability to identify and remove or filter out bad smells as well as allergens and dust." -- Jalopnik 


With 14.9 cubic feet of trunk space, the 2012 Infiniti M has exactly one cubic foot less than the Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedan. Few reviewers comment on the Infiniti’s trunk, but those who do give it mixed reviews. If you need more space to stow your gear, the Audi A7 boasts 24.5 cubic feet of cargo space. That’s more than any other luxury large car.

  • "The trunk lid opens wide on strut-type hinges. The trunk is wide at the back but quite narrow at the front and not particularly deep. The rear seat backs don't fold, though a small pass through can accommodate skis. Interior storage includes a decent-size glovebox, two-tiered console box, covered cupholders, a covered ash/coin tray, and small map pockets." -- Consumer Guide
  • "When it comes to storage, the M37x offers plenty of options. The center console is pragmatically tiered to keep snacks, lip gloss and diapers organized; the trunk pass-through is great for skis and other long, thin gear; and the trunk offered lots of storage space for strollers, groceries or your third child (kidding)." -- Mother Proof 

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