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2008 Kia Amanti Performance

This performance review was written when the 2008 Kia Amanti was new.

Reviews show that the the 2008 Kia Amanti has an easy ride, but driving can get sticky at higher speeds.

Kelley Blue Book notices that the Amanti leaned in turns and dived with hard braking, but felt the car was "no better or worse than its counterparts in this segment." Reviewers enjoyed an easy ride when starting the 2008 Kia Amanti's V6 engine, with "smooth shifts between gears," according to MSN Autos. However, driving got sticky at higher speeds. Motor Week is one of those to specifically complain of "understeer, body roll and tire scrub" after a curve. Kelley Blue Book is kinder, noticing that the Amanti leaned in turns and dived with hard braking, but felt the car was "no better or worse than its counterparts in this segment."


Reviews commend the 2008 Kia Amanti for installing a 3.8-liter aluminum double overhead cam V6 engine that delivers 264 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque, 32 percent more than its previous engine. Edmunds says the V6 makes the Amanti "a strong, well-equipped dark horse candidate in the upscale family sedan segment." The Environmental Protection Agency rates the 2008 Kia Amanti at 17 miles per gallon in the city and 24 mpg on the highway, but reviews note that these numbers do not compare well with others in the Amanti's class. "Kia continues to lag other automakers in fuel economy, and the Amanti engine doesn't have variable valve timing, which other automakers use to improve fuel economy," MSN Autos states. In sum, Consumer Guide says the Amanti delivers "adequate power in any situation" adding that the engine is "smooth" and "responsive" and "nicely complemented by a refined transmission."

On the other hand, other reviewers like Velocity Journal say the engine's coupling with a five-speed automatic Sportmatic transmission delivers "improved fuel economy while outperforming competitive V6 engines" from Buick, Nissan and Ford.

Handling and Braking

The 2008 Kia Amanti now features independent double wishbone front suspension with independent multilink suspension in the rear. Reviewers like the modified suspension's sharper handling, and Edmunds decides the suspension makes for a "pleasant overall drive."

Others say the 2008 Kia Amanti is a smooth ride as long as it isn't pushed too hard. As expressed in Motor Week, the handling is "best described as safe but slow. Response to steering inputs is a bit sluggish." Motor Week also took issue with the steering; calling it "light but lethargic" and providing "virtually no feel."

The 2008 Kia Amanti's hydraulic, power-assisted four-sensor, four-channel brakes come with electronic brakeforce distribution and received solid reviews. Even MSN Autos, which listed the pedals as "touchy," had to admit the stopping distances were good and that the anti-lock brakes help a driver "maintain control in panic stops." New Car Test Drive also mentioned "controllable stops" from the brakes along with "light pedal pulses."

Review Last Updated: 2/26/09

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