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2009 Kia Sedona Performance

This performance review was created when the car was new. Some links may no longer point to an active page.

Minivans aren't generally thought of as performance vehicles, but reviewers mostly praise the Kia Sedona's standard 250-horsepower V6 engine, and they're satisfied with, if not entirely enthusiastic about, the Sedona's handling.

  • "We let it run up to 95 once, and it was steady, smooth and quiet...At idle, it's so quiet that we once tried to start it when it was already running." -- New Car Test Drive
  • "Impressive cornering limits (which will rarely, if ever, be explored in the real world) combine with a powerful engine and smooth-shifting five-speed automatic transmission to provide an around-town eagerness that makes the Sedona as enjoyable to drive as any minivan on the road." -- Kelley Blue Book
  • "On our handling course we found the Sedona to be competent if ordinary." --Motor Week

Acceleration and Power

The 2009 Kia Sedona comes with a 3.8-liter, 250-horsepower V6 engine. Reviewers like it, though several note that it occasionally struggles to pull the Sedona's 4,300-pounds-plus curb weight. Reviewers generally find the Sedona's five-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission a good companion to the engine, but do say fuel economy isn't remarkable. The EPA rates both the LX and the EX at 16 mpg in the city and 23 mpg on the highway.

  • "Standard-length EX test model did a brisk 8.4 sec 0-60 mph, but seemed to slow to build speed. And it often seemed sluggish, the automatic transmission being very slow to kick down at full throttle for highway passing and even for low-speed acceleration. At least shifts were smooth." -- Consumer Guide
  • "On a power-to-weight basis, the new Sedona is certainly competitive with the best in its class and miles beyond its thunder-thighed forebear. Nor can you complain about the vehicle's five-speed automatic transmission. The Sedona slurps between gears easily, kicks down into passing gear willingly enough and generally offers an inoffensive level of drivability." -- Los Angeles Times

Handling and Braking

There are mixed impressions on the performance of the Sedona's independent MacPherson suspension with struts and coil springs, with several reviewers observing too much body lean on tight corners. As with most other aspects of the 2009 Kia Sedona's handling, reviewers find the rack-and-pinion steering acceptable for such a large vehicle. Several note that the steering wheel doesn't provide much road feedback to the driver, but for most minivan buyers this probably won't be an issue. Lastly, test drivers generally like the Sedona's brakes.

  • "As part of a weight-saving program, the Sedona was given multi-link independent rear suspension, which theoretically gives the vehicle livelier handling. This remains theoretical. The Sedona stops, turns, and corners with all the eagerness of a DMV employee at 4:56 p.m. on a Friday." -- Los Angeles Times
  • "There's some built-in understeer, meaning you sometimes have to feed more steering into a corner as you speed around it, but if it were any more direct it might be darty." -- New Car Test Drive
  • "Stopping distances are reassuringly short when the brakes are applied hard. Braking was short and secure." -- MSN

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