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2011 Lamborghini Gallardo Interior

This interior review was written when the 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo was new.

When you sit inside the 2011 Gallardo, you may have déjà vu, especially if you’ve driven an Audi R8. That’s because Audi owns Lamborghini and has started using the same materials in both the R8 and the Gallardo. Reviewers say the level of fit and finish hasn’t changed since Audi took over, but they hope the Gallardo doesn’t lose its Italian flare.

Inside, the Gallardo seats two and doesn’t have many standard features. If you want Bluetooth, navigation or iPod connectivity, you’ll have to upgrade. If you want these features standard, you’ll have to go for a luxury cruiser like the Mercedes-Benz SL, and while its performance can’t compare to the Gallardo’s, the SL is particularly roomy. 

  • "Unlike previous Lamborghini models, the 2010 Gallardo provides a fairly livable cabin, thanks in large part to influence from parent company Audi. Leather and soft-touch materials adorn much of the interior, as one might expect, but the switchgear, gauges and multimedia driver interface are essentially pulled from the Audi parts bin. Some might bemoan this distillation of Lamborghini's traditional Italian character, but most will appreciate Audi's injection of ergonomic know-how into the Gallardo's cockpit." -- Edmunds
  • "Audi's ownership of Lamborghini is evidenced in the Gallardo's superlative fit and finish, with a few upgraded materials sprinkled throughout, such as a new steering wheel and a row of gleaming metal window toggles. It is undeniably a premium-feeling environment-the plebeian, Audi-cribbed infotainment and climate controls notwithstanding-though it remains as sterile as an operating room compared with the F430's loving cockpit." -- Car and Driver


The Gallardo rides low to the ground, which makes it difficult to enter and exit. This design is common among exotic sports cars, so test drivers aren’t surprised when they struggle to get in and out. The Gallardo’s standard leather seats are comfortable even for adults six feet or taller.

  • "Swing open the conventionally hinged doors and a quilted leather interior with deep bucket seats seduces the driver into a classically low-slung position with the steering wheel extending far from the dash for a positively race-carlike feel." -- Road and Track
  • "Further advancements can be found in the fundamentally sound driving position and the comfortable and supportive seats." -- Edmunds
  • "The seats, which are difficult to get out of, hold you firmly in place.  ... Everyone who rode in the LP560-4, ranging in height from 5 feet to 6-foot-4, was comfortable." -- Detroit News
  • "Interior space for two is excellent port and starboard although less so fore-and-aft-the price paid for this car's wickedly plunging wedge shape and the big engine at your back. Passengers under six feet are likely not penalized. The seats are handsome and quite comfortable, even though they verge on being bench-hard." -- Car and Driver

Interior Features

When you hop behind the wheel, you may notice that the 2011 Gallardo’s cabin reminds you of the Audi R8. That’s because they share some components. That said, you probably won’t be surprised that automotive journalists find the Gallardo’s media interface just as confusing as the Audi R8’s MultiMedia Interface system. They don’t state whether or not these are the same systems, but complaints about infotainment systems are common for exotic sports cars.

The Gallardo LP 560-4 comes standard with an on-board computer with a lap timer, a USB interface and electrically adjustable heated side mirrors. iPod integration, Bluetooth, navigation, a rear view camera and electrically adjustable and headed seats are optional.

  • "The cockpit will be familiar to Gallardo drivers and easy to learn for newcomers. No mysteries, everything is within easy reach." -- Road and Track
  • "[T]he...multimedia interface leaves something to be desired, as the control knob and accompanying buttons are placed next to the screen rather than near the shifter, requiring altogether too much driver attention given the Gallardo's fearsome capabilities." -- Edmunds


Lamborghini’s first priority is giving horsepower specifications for the Gallardo, not cargo capacities, and as a result, there’s no information on how much you can fit into the Gallardo’s trunk. Either way, don’t expect to fit a lot into this model since most exotic sports cars have tiny cargo holds. But if numbers matter, check out the Ferrari California, which offers up to 12 cubic feet.  

That said, some reviewers say the Gallardo does have enough cargo space for a weekend getaway, but there is a catch. To fit you gear in the trunk, they suggest purchasing luggage Lamborghini designs. 

  • "[S]torage space is negligible..." -- Edmunds
Review Last Updated: 5/17/11

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