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Used Car: 2011 Land Rover LR2 Review

Review Last Updated: 8/14/12

The 2011 Land Rover LR2 can venture where few other 2011 compact SUVs can go, but competitors offer more refinement and better on-road performance.

The 2011 Land Rover LR2 is ranked:

When it was new, reviewers liked the 2011 LR2’s off-road capability, and found its standard all-wheel drive and terrain response system especially helpful for different types of terrain. They also liked that its interior stays true to the typical Land Rover luxury. However, most said the LR2’s on-pavement performance is sluggish, and while the interior is luxurious, they thought it was dated.  

The LR2 is powered by a 230-horsepower, 3.2-liter six-cylinder engine that has one of the lowest power outputs in the class. At 15/22 mpg city/highway, the LR2 is also one of the thirstiest. With regard to reliability, the LR2’s rating is slightly below-average.

Inside, most reviewers said the LR2 was well-equipped, with an interior that takes cues from Land Rover’s more expensive offerings. Still, some commented that the dash appeared a bit dated. Most said the front seats were comfortable, while the back seat drew a lot of criticism for being cramped, although that’s a common complaint in this class. The LR2’s cargo capacity with the rear seats folded is 58.9 cubic feet, which is a bit less than class leaders’, but still about average. Standard features include leather seats, rear parking sensors and dual-zone climate control. Available features include Bluetooth, satellite radio, an upgraded stereo, navigation and higher-grade leather upholstery. The LR2 received some minor cosmetic updates for 2011, but has otherwise changed very little since 2008, so you might be able to save money by shopping for an older model.

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Other Cars to Consider

An alternative to the LR2 worth considering is the 2011 Mercedes-Benz GLK. It isn’t as capable off-road as the LR2, but critics said it delivers terrific on-road performance and has a handsome, well-crafted interior. It also has class-leading safety and reliability ratings. Keep in mind that its fuel economy is only marginally better and its cargo capacity is slightly less than the LR2’s.

Another alternative to look at is the 2011 Acura RDX. The RDX doesn’t have the off-road capabilities of the LR2, but reviewers liked the way it handles on paved roads, and complained less about its back seat. The RDX can also carry a bit more cargo than the LR2, and its fuel economy is a bit better.

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