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2010 Lexus RX 350 Interior

This interior review was created when the car was new. Some links may no longer point to an active page.

The 2010 RX 350's interior is high-quality, comfortable and high-tech. While reviewers complained about the previous model's dashboard design, they praised the 2010 model's controls. However, there were one or two complaints about cabin noise.

  • "The interior themes remain conservative yet pleasing to the eye - parchment with brown walnut, or gray tones with charcoal maple - and the seats have been redesigned to spoil backs and backsides better than an army of Swedish masseuses, complementing the RX's excellent driving position." -- Car and Driver
  • "I loved the sweeping style of the dash panel that integrated beautifully into the door panels. As one would expect with a Lexus, the fit and finish were always first class." -- BusinessWeek
  • "I was a little surprised by the amount of road noise that made its way into the RX's cabin when traveling on rougher patches of road. Road surface plays a big part in the interior noise equation, and some of the asphalt roads I traveled were quite pockmarked, but noise from bumps was quite pronounced, too." -- Cars.com
  • "In a move toward simplicity equaling elegance, Lexus has seen to it that the interior and all its associated controls are conveyed in a less is more layout, which, while giving you everything you need, doesn't allow it to get in the way of the job at hand which is to keep the car on the road." -- Left Lane News
  • "The cabin is cleanly styled and fitted with quality materials (including real walnut wood accents) assembled with great care. Our test vehicles were pre-production units, but you'd never guess that given their excellent build quality." -- Edmunds


The 2010 Lexus RX 350 offers seating for five. Virtually all reviewers found both rows of seats extremely comfortable. Heated and ventilated front seats add to the RX 350's luxurious nature.

  • "The leather feels softer than ever, especially the new optional semi-aniline variety, and space for four adults is more than acceptable." -- Car and Driver
  • "The seats are shaped and padded for long-haul comfort, with an excellent blend of cushioning and support. Plentiful seat and steering-wheel adjustments make it simple to tailor a comfortable driving stance." -- Consumer Guide
  • "Backseat legroom in the RX is good, and Lexus has addressed my main gripe with the second row by moving the backrest-recline lever from the top of the backrest itself to the outside of the seat cushion." -- Cars.com

Interior Features

As with most Lexus vehicles, the RX was appreciated for its attention to interior details and good fit and finish. The cabin boasts a long list of unique high-tech features, including an available navigation system with remote touch -- a small device on the central console that functions somewhat like a computer mouse. While reviewers said there's a learning curve, for the most part, they found it useful. Popular Mechanics even gave the system its Technical Innovation award.

  • "Navigation screen is placed conveniently high in dashboard and deeply inset so it rarely washes out in sunlight. The Remote Touch control module takes getting used to, but is reasonably simple and intuitive." -- Consumer Guide
  • "As automobiles accumulate more and more advanced electronic functions, how do you control them? Newer systems attempt to access nearly every automotive function with a single-point controller. And every strategy has had drawbacks -- except for Lexus's new Remote Touch." -- Popular Mechanics
  • "Really, Lexus does an excellent job catering to the driver. There's remote key access, a power liftgate, an automatic tonneau cover that covers the back area, a full complement of steering wheel controls, programmable garaged door opener, adjustable seat belt height adjusters, the premium Mark Levinson stereo system and a very cool heads-up display that constantly shows your speed and will flash directions and other information." -- The Detroit News
  • "The [Remote Touch] system has a low learning curve, thanks to its familiar interface, but a downside is that you have to spend a good deal of time looking at the screen to control the pointer when navigating menus and making selections." -- Cars.com
  • "The Remote Touch controller works but requires too much effort, so it is distracting. Thankfully, the system accepts voice commands as well, and is equipped with some of the best voice-recognition software we've ever used." -- MSN
  • "The trackball-like controller for the navigation, information, and audio systems is the polar opposite of the counterintuitive devices found in German luxury cars. If you've ever used a computer mouse or trackball or video game controller, no explanation is necessary and no recourse to a 100-page manual." -- CNET
  • "As of late, the term luxury has been confused with technology, but the new RX amazingly manages to be gee-whiz and user friendly. The RX offers everything buyers in the segment ask for; Bluetooth, navigation, heated and cooled seats, cameras all over the place including side-view mirror mounted units which show how close you're getting to the curb, iPod functionality ... you'll want for nothing." -- Jalopnik
  • "Even with all this technology - the owners' manual is more than 600 pages and the navigation guide is 400-plus - the RX shouldn't intimidate parents more concerned about their tee times and junior's tennis matches than about haptic sensors and OLED screens. The controls are logical, with a minimal profusion of buttons - unlike an Acura MDX, whose console only a 747 pilot would love." -- The New York Times


For 2010, the RX 350's cargo space grew 5 percent and is respectable for its class. However, some reviewers said the sloped roofline intrudes on cargo space. The RX 350 provides 40 cubic feet behind the rear seats or 80.3 cubic feet with the rear seats folded down. This is slightly less than the RX 350's chief competitor, the Acura MDX, but considerably more than the Cadillac SRX.

  • "RXs have class-competitive load volumes with seats up or down, but their limited height and sloped roofline preclude some tall or bulky cargo. Interior small-items storage is a bit below average for an SUV." -- Consumer Guide
  • "The RX's cargo area measures 40 cubic feet. That's more space than a Lincoln MKX (32.3 cubic feet) but less than the MDX has with its third row folded (42.9 cubic feet)." -- Cars.com
  • "Some bright engineer thought it would be cool to put levers on either side of the cargo bay in the rear, so that the second row of seats would fold nearly flat by just moving the levers. Neat idea!" -- MarketWatch
  • "Some of the most useful upgrades actually come in the cargo area, where the switch from McPherson struts to the lower-profile double wishbone means the wheel wells shrink and greatly improve cargo space. Also great is the addition of handles in the cargo bay which release the spring loaded seat backs and give a flat load floor without the run-around-the-car dance." -- Jalopnik
  • "Compared to last year's RX 350, cargo space with the second-row seats raised increases by a couple of cubic feet to 40 cubes. Flipping the rear seats down (which can also be done easily via release handles in the cargo bay) reveals a respectable 80.3 cubic feet, which is nevertheless down 5 cubes compared to the '09 RX." -- Edmunds

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