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Original MSRP: $41,180 - $42,580
MPG: 32 City / 27 Hwy
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2007 Lexus RX Hybrid Review

This review was written when the 2007 Lexus RX Hybrid was new.

The RX Hybrid delivers a rare combination of sport utility performance and Lexus luxury in an environmentally conscious car. If you're in the market for a luxury midsize SUV and are willing to sacrifice hybrid fuel efficiency, you should also consider the Lexus RX 350 for a near-identical SUV at a lower sticker price, or the closely competitive Infiniti FX and Acura MDX.

Sticker price aside, reviewers praise the 2007 Lexus RX 400h (Hybrid) for driving performance comparable to its Lexus RX 350 sibling, and for its lone status as a fuel-efficient alternative in the luxury SUV market. As MSN explains, the Lexus brand shows "that hybrid gas-electric vehicles can be posh, fast and fuel stingy." Motor Trend adds, "the 400h is the first to offer a no-compromise ecology-minded alternative to a class of customer not otherwise included to sacrifice prestige and comfort for the sake of the planet."

When price is taken into account, reviewers warn that RX Hybrid buyers must recognize they are saving the environment, not saving money. As New Car Test Drive explains, "The RX 350 is a very efficient vehicle in its own right, and now that Lexus has equipped both variants identically, the $4,000 price premium for the RX 400h pays strictly for the hybrid drivetrain. In the very best case, an RX 400h owner can expect to break even with fuel savings over the typical five-year period of ownership." However, many reviewers note that Lexus purchasers typically are not buying the Hybrid to save at the pump as much as to save the environment, and as the Seattle Times feels, the Lexus RX Hybrid "isn't cheap, but given the technology, it's pretty reasonable." Its resale value is outstanding. IntelliChoice gives the 2007 Lexus RX Hybrid a rating of "excellent" for its predicted five-year total cost of ownership, compared with other vehicles in its class.

Review Last Updated: 5/2/08

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