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2012 Lincoln MKT Review

Review Last Updated: 10/10/13

These scores and this review are from when the car was new.

While the 2012 Lincoln MKT doesn’t break new ground among luxury crossovers, reviewers say it’s certainly a competent vehicle with a competitive price.

The Lincoln MKT is a seven-seat crossover that test drivers say runs in the middle of the pack with other luxury crossover SUVs. Though Lincoln has faltered in recent years, more than one critic has commented that the MKT may be the vehicle to revive the brand. The interior is stylish and packed with features, handling is relatively nimble and the engine is powerful. However, some shoppers may not be able to get past the SUV’s distinctive exterior.

The Lincoln MKT’s interior is one of its strongest points due to its outstanding list of standard and optional features. For instance, the MKT comes standard with leather-trimmed seats, while leather seats will cost $9,700 extra on the already-expensive BMW X5.

The optional turbocharged Ecoboost engine under the Ecoboost MKT’s hood also garners praise from nearly every test driver. Coupled with standard all-wheel drive and paddle shifters, the automotive press says the Ecoboost trim of the MKT is a fairly sporty SUV, and is worth the approximately $2,000 upgrade from the base model.

However, journalists say the MKT does have its downsides. Though it’s based on the roomy Ford Flex, the third row loses headroom due to the MKT’s sloping roof. This means that adults won’t be comfortable in the back.

Overall, automotive reviewers say the Lincoln MKT isn’t bad. But in a fiercely competitive segment, being pretty good may not be enough.

Other Luxury SUVs to Consider

Shoppers who are attracted to the Lincoln MKT but are looking for a better bargain should check out the Ford Flex. It includes the same 3.5-liter Ecoboost engine, driving dynamics and high-tech features as the base MKT, and a third row that’s even roomier. Plus, a comparably-equipped Ford Flex Ecoboost costs about $1,600 less than a Lincoln MKT Ecoboost.

The Buick Enclave is another upscale crossover that provides luxury at a similar price. The top-of-the-line Enclave with front-wheel drive and the premium group package starts at about $43,900, which is about $400 less than the base MKT. Plus, the Enclave can seat one more person and has more cargo space compared to the MKT.

Buyers who are looking for a true luxury SUV with a high-tech, comfortable interior should consider the Acura MDX. Though it only seats five, the MDX ranks at the top of its class for its interior technology and opulent cabin. It starts at about $42,900, about $1,400 less than the Lincoln MKT, and can stow more cargo.

Details: Lincoln MKT

The 2012 Lincoln MKT is available in base or Ecoboost trims. Ecoboost adds a twin-turbocharged V6 engine, standard all-wheel drive and allows buyers to add some of its most innovative options, like adaptive cruise control, parallel park assist and a second-row refrigerated console. The biggest change Lincoln made to the MKT for 2012 is lowering the price of the Ecoboost trim, while discontinuing all-wheel drive on the base model. That means that the all-wheel drive Ecoboost MKT can be purchased for the same price as last year’s all-wheel drive base model.

Since the 2011 and 2012 Lincoln MKT are so similar, we’ve used reviews from both years to help give you a thorough picture of reviewer opinion.

  • "The MKT doesn't really raise the bar for the segment, but it is at least a step forward toward restoring the Lincoln brand to its former glory.” -- Edmunds
  • "While MKT is a competent SUV, there's very little about it that stands out from the pack. Ultimately, nearly all of its rivals offer more compelling combinations of performance, luxury, and value for the money.” -- Consumer Guide

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