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2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Interior

This interior review was created when the car was new. Some links may no longer point to an active page.

While reviewers say the interior on the 2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is nice, they also say that the design is bland and doesn’t live up to Lincoln’s luxury aspirations. Several point out that the interior isn’t that much different from what’s available on the Ford Fusion. And, while the cabin is quiet and sports high-tech features that work well, the overall feel is dull.

  • "In base trim, there's little to differentiate the cabin from the Fusion, due to dismal black plastic littered across the dash and down the center stack. Buyers can solve this problem by opting up for the Executive Package, which covers the dark stuff with eco-friendly wood veneer, though the look is merely a stop gap. We're hoping the cabin gets a significant update, and soon." -- Popular Mechanics
  • "The good news is that while the instrument panel may not be the most stunning piece of interior design we've come across, it is well sorted. During our brief stint behind the wheel, we couldn't come up with anything to complain about ergonomically. The steering-wheel mounted controls for cruise and entertainment are easy enough to memorize and the buttons on the center stack, while cheap, are a cinch to navigate. Inside, the MKZ Hybrid is a case of function over form." -- Autoblog
  • "Lincoln is desperately trying to appeal to a younger crowd, and the MKZ Hybrid just isn’t going to cut the mustard. The entire range of MKZ models will likely receive Lincoln’s new MyLincoln Touch within the next year or so, but until then, buyers will have to make do with a center stack that would probably look more at home in an entry-level Ford." -- Left Lane News

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The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid seats five on seats that come with standard leather upholstery. While most reviewers don’t mention the seats, those that do say they’re comfortable.

  • "The hides are from some far-flung corner of Scotland where the tanners still use a chromium-free curing process -- something that's important when you're selling a car that's supposed to be doing its part to save the planet. The perforated thrones breathe well, are nearly infinitely power adjustable and they're heated and cooled. Even better, they're standard equipment. "-- Autoblog

Interior Features

Reviewers are pleased with the features list on the 2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid – especially the instrument cluster, which can be customized. In particular, they like the MKZ’s smart gauge, which lets you know how economically you’re driving by having little flowers “bloom” when you’re using less fuel (there’s no word on if the gauge shows them withering when you drive aggressively). Overall, most reviewers are pleased with how the MKZ Hybrid’s interior tech works, but reviewers don’t miss a chance to point out that, overall, the MKZ Hybrid’s interior needs more of a luxury feel.

  • "The Lincoln’s dash mimics the Fusion’s nifty customizable instrument cluster, with its cool virtual plant growing leaves as a reward for economical driving -- although the Lincoln version additionally sprouts up to five flowers. Each flower is progressively harder to cultivate, and they remain in the display until the fuel-economy monitor is reset or the car crashes into a VW New Beetle, at which point they will be transferred to the Beetle’s dash-mounted vase." -- Car and Driver
  • "The cabin of the MKZ is fortified with better sound-deadening treatment, and standard creature comforts include 10-way power adjustable heated and cooled front seats and wood-accented leather surrounds, which enrich the drive experience. Other pluses include the voice-activated communication and entertainment system known as Lincoln (Ford) Sync, which integrates Bluetooth phone connectivity along with Traffic, Direction and Information (TDI) Services (all free of charge for the time being)."-- Road and Track
  • "For that price, the Lincoln's cabin is packed with plenty of standard features. Perforated, heated, and cooled leather seats are the order of the day, as is the top-notch Ford Sync telematics system. A large LCD touch-screen controls everything from hands-free phone calls to climate and entertainment, leaving little need for the controls positioned lower on the center stack. "-- Popular Mechanics
  • "On the whole we found the MKZ Hybrid’s interior to be well screwed together and constructed of quality materials (especially the Bridge of Weir leather), but we were really let down by the car’s ho-hum design." -- Left Lane News


Reviewers don’t comment much on the 2011 Lincoln MKZ hybrid’s trunk space. However, like most hybrids, the MKZ gives up some cargo room to its battery pack. The MKZ Hybrid has 11.8 cubic feet of truck space. While not dismal, it’s not class-leading either. The Lexus HS 250h has a slightly larger trunk at 12.1 cubic feet.

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