• 2011 Lotus Exige

Avg. Price Paid:$42,948 - $49,002
Original MSRP: $65,690 - $74,950
MPG: 21 City / 27 Hwy

2011 Lotus Exige Review

This review was written when the 2011 Lotus Exige was new.

The 2011 Lotus Exige doesn’t work as a daily driver, but reviewers say it’s tough to find a better track day partner.

Most reviewers unequivocally love the 2011 Lotus Exige. This ultra-light sports car is engineered for performance, and performance alone. However, that means that buyers will have to sacrifice luxury if they go for the Exige. Edmunds explains, "The 2011 Lotus Exige represents one of the most engaging cars built today, but its focus on performance means comfort and convenience are low among its priorities."

And therein lies the rub for many luxury sports car shoppers.  While almost every other car in the class can handle grocery store runs, weekend trips and a set of golf clubs, reviewers say that the Lotus Exige puts so much emphasis on performance that any other function is tortuous. You’ll have a hard time finding a better car to take to the track, but if you’re looking to do anything else, you should buy something other than the Exige.

Other Sports Cars to Consider

Like the 2011 Lotus Exige, the 2011 Porsche Cayman has engaging handling thanks to its mid-engine design.   If you want to go for Exige-like stripped down performance, consider the Cayman R, which drops some poundage from the regular Cayman and focuses on track performance.  However, reviewers say that the Cayman R is still useable off the track.

Details: Lotus Exige

For 2011, the Lotus Exige is available in two trims: S 240 and S260. A special Roger Becker edition is new for this year.

  • "Driving a Lotus Exige S 240 for the first time is, surprisingly, an exercise in deja vu. Why? Because it's the exact same car you've driven in daydreams since you were seven years old."--Jalopnik
  • "The 2011 Lotus Exige is intended for enthusiasts to be sure, but it also demands the kind of enthusiast willing to sacrifice nearly every modern comfort and convenience for outright driving performance."--Edmunds
  • “A loud and confined cabin, minimal comforts, difficult ingress and egress, relatively expensive, you can’t see out the back."--Car and Driver
Review Last Updated: 9/15/11

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