• 2009 Lotus Exige

Original MSRP: $65,690 - $74,995
MPG: 20 City / 26 Hwy

2009 Lotus Exige Interior

This interior review was written when the 2009 Lotus Exige was new.

Reviewers, on balance, find that the Exige's cabin isn't lavish or comfortable, and doesn't offer many convenience features or practical cargo room. Designed for little else than sports performance, the Exige prioritizes function over form.


The Exige provides seating for two. While auto writers find its cabin difficult to enter and exit, most agree that its seats are very supportive.

  • "The driver's seat adjusts manually fore and aft; the passenger seat is immovable, bolted to the floor." -- Forbes
  • "Although the Exige is difficult to get into for taller drivers, who have to put a right foot in, then turn to the left and fold in half to mail themselves into the car butt first, the contortion is worth it." -- Car and Driver
  • "The composite sport seats provide plenty of support, but the car's low fixed roof and wide sills make entry and exit particularly challenging for any human more than 3 feet tall." -- Edmunds
  • "[T]heir deep bolsters dole out tough love hugs that'll keep you in place during hard cornering." -- Automobile.com

Interior Features

Critics find that the Exige's cabin doesn't offer much in the way of convenience features. Though that leaves some unimpressed, most acknowledge the Exige is designed to be functional, not luxurious. Its minimalist design helps keep weight and distractions to a minimum. Even so, Lotus does offer some optional convenience features -- like leather upholstery and an upgraded stereo system.

  • "The two-seater's cockpit is an exercise in minimalism. There's a handsome wheel that's also just right to the touch. The appointments are mostly functional aluminum, with a sort of stripped-down aerospace feel. Niceties are at a minimum, there's a radio, but no cupholders, and you can even opt out on air conditioning should you desire to shave even more weight." -- The Car Connection
  • "Once inside, the space isn't bad, and the control relationships are right for all the faux-racing footwork you want to perform." -- Car and Driver
  • "The small steering wheel is barely more than a foot in diameter. An air conditioning-delete option is offered, and composite sport seats come only in black. An optional Touring Pack includes leather seats, additional sound insulation, an upgraded stereo system and full carpeting." -- Cars.com


With only four cubic-feet of cargo room, the Exige doesn't offer much space for hauling items. But because it's not meant for that, reviewers don't seem too stressed.

  • "Trunk space? If we said it didn't have one, you'd be pleasantly surprised at the four cubic feet available. That said, visually it appears more spacious -- and certainly more useful -- than the paragon of trunk inefficiency, the Pontiac Solstice, and its five cubic feet." -- Car and Driver
  • "The trunk is rated at 4 cubic feet of capacity, which is enough for a few wedged-in grocery bags and not much else." -- Edmunds
  • "We're used to sacrificing even the bare essentials for the thrill of a sports car, but we were pleased to discover that Lotus actually found room to engineer into the Exige a modest four cubic feet of trunk space." -- The Car Connection
Review Last Updated: 2/10/10

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