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2010 Mini Cooper Clubman Review

This review was written when the 2010 Mini Cooper Clubman was new.

The 2010 Mini Clubman expands on everything that's good about the Mini Cooper -- literally.  A stretched wheelbase allows for a more comfortable backseat and roomier cargo area than the regular Mini, and the fun performance Minis are known for is still intact.  However, it you're looking to move a lot of people and cargo, there are more practical choices.

The Mini Clubman brings all the personality and performance of the Mini Cooper to the Compact Wagon class. A stretched wheelbase version of the Mini Cooper, the Clubman adds passenger and cargo space while keeping Mini's perky style and zippy performance.

However, just because the Clubman is bigger than the Mini Cooper doesn't mean that the Clubman is big. It has less passenger and cargo room than almost every other compact wagon. And while it's a sharp handler and very fun to drive, the ride may be a bit firm for some drivers.  Plus, the Clubman is one of the more expensive cars in the class.

Because of the Clubman's size, it makes sense to cross-shop it not only with other compact wagons, but also some small cars.  The Honda Fit is known for snappy handling, costs less than the Clubman and has more passenger and cargo space. The  Volkswagen Jetta SportWagon is also a solid performer, and while it lacks the panache of the Clubman, it had a lot more space.

The Clubman is available in three trims: the base, the S, and the John Cooper Works. For 2010, little is changed on the Clubman, though cruise control is now standard across all models and two anniversary editions, which add interior and exterior flourishes, are available.

  • "A Mini Cooper with added length in the wheelbase, extra legroom in the rear seats, and a half-door on the passenger's side to ease ingress and egress to the back, the Clubman is all the fun and cuteness of the smaller Mini with a (slightly) more hospitable rear seat." -- Car and Driver
  • "Keeps all the goodness of the original Cooper formula and throws in a liberal dash of practicality." -- Edmunds
  • "I've never been all that much of Mini fanboy, but I think I've just become a card carrying member of the Clubman cult." -- Motor Trend
  • "The addition of the Clubman to the Mini lineup will give more buyers the opportunity to experience a Mini. With more cargo and passenger room, and as much fun-to-drive factor as its little brother, the Mini Cooper Clubman is easier to live with and may actually be a better value." -- New Car Test Drive
  • "Still, I wouldn't call the Clubman family-friendly -- not when there are so many small cars more deserving of that title, including the roomy Scion xB, the inexpensive Nissan Versa, and the super-frugal Honda Fit."  -- About.com
  • "I really wanted to like the MINI Clubman S. It has enough room to tempt me away from my Euro cruiser, enough panache to satisfy my brand awareness and cute enough to make my mother happy. But at the end of the day, the Clubman is deeply conflicted and hugely expensive." -- The Truth About Cars
Review Last Updated: 1/26/10

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