Avg. Price Paid:$6,048 - $11,586
Original MSRP: $15,535 - $26,590
MPG: 21 City / 26 Hwy

2008 Mazda B-Series Interior

This interior review was written when the 2008 Mazda B-Series was new.

The 2008 Mazda B-Series isn't particularly roomy -- even in it's extended Cab Plus version -- but it does feature easy-to-use controls and a sporty interior trim. Kelley Blue Book says "The B-Series puts the Mazda sport treatment onto the base Ranger interior. Seats have a richer pattern and the instrument panel features white-faced gauges and a revised center stack."

Reviewers also see fit and finish as relatively impressive. Consumer Guide says the dashboard is conveniently placed, and there's "solid overall assembly, and good-quality interior materials." Consumer Guide also notes,the B-Series is "not quite as car-quiet as Dodge Dakota, but has better isolation from engine, wind, and road noise than most compact trucks."


The B-Series comes as a two-door Regular Cab or four-door extended Cab Plus. Both models seat up to three in the front bench, and the Cab Plus adds another two via small jump seats in the rear. Passenger volume is 52.6 cubic feet in the Regular Cab and increases to 63.7 cubic feet in the Cab Plus, which also features two rear-hinged rear doors.

In the front seat, Consumer Guide notes "Good head and leg room" but finds "three adults are a tight squeeze, and entry/exit borders on awkward in high-riding 4WD versions and 2WD Dual Sport models." Along the same lines, Edmunds reports "Furthermore, although the bench seats can presumably seat three (there's a seatbelt in the middle), we don't know of anyone who'd want to sit there with the shifter between the knees and be inappropriately touched whenever traffic conditions call for a gear change."

The rear jump seats in Cab Plus models don't fare much better. Kelley Blue Book classifies them as "best used for short trips only" and Consumer Guide similarly notes they're better "for toddlers or cargo." Pickuptruck.com says "Unless your passenger is a child or a circus performer, don't take these inward-facing perches too seriously. That space is better suited for carrying groceries…than people."

Interior Features

While the higher B-Series trim levels are relatively well-equipped, the base models are sparse on basic necessities. In fact, even air conditioning and a CD audio system are just optional on the B2300. They are available with the optional SE-5 Package, which also includes cruise control and a tilt steering column.


Unlike many regular-size pickup cabs, the B-Series provides reasonable interior cargo space. Consumer Guide notes "[b]etter-than-average behind-seat regular-cab space" and finds the extended Cab Plus "can carry lots of stuff" -- as long as the rear jump seats aren't in use. Kelley Blue Book similarly writes "Cab Plus models provide space behind the seats for luggage or groceries." However, like its platform-mate Ford Ranger, the B-Series' dual rear doors don't open independently of the front doors -- "making loading difficult in confined spaces," says Consumer Guide. Interior storage for smaller items comes in the form of a fold-down armrest and seatback pockets.

Review Last Updated: 4/28/10

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