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2009 Mazda Mazdaspeed3 Review

This review was written when the 2009 Mazda Mazdaspeed3 was new.

The 2009 Mazdaspeed3 combines sporty performance, attractive looks, and everyday practicality at an affordable price. Not surprisingly, it's a reviewer favorite.

True to Mazda's mantra, the Mazdaspeed3 has enough "zoom zoom" to satisfy the snobbiest of enthusiasts. What's more, its comfortable ride, spacious interior cabin, and large cargo hold make it practical for everyday use. "Today, our vehicles must not only be fun to drive, but practical at the same time," writes AutoMedia.com. "While practical doesn't get the headlines, being able to be practical and infuse a high element of fun into the drive does. We think the MAZDASPEED3 achieves its goal."

Though the 2009 Mazdaspeed3 is a carryover from the 2008 model year, Motor Trend reports: "Freshened interior content and styling, new exterior colors, and a Touring Value model, with an enriched list of standard equipment, carry Mazda's best-seller into 2009."

The Mazdaspeed3 is built on the same platform as the Mazda3 hatchback and is the sportiest offering in the Mazda3 lineup. It is available in two trim levels: Sport and Grand Touring.

  • "The Mazdaspeed3 is one of those rare have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too packages capable of entertaining its driver, hauling family or friends, and minding a budget." -- Automobile Magazine.
  • "There's no doubt that Porsche builds the world's best performance cars that can also serve as daily commuters, like the 911 twin turbo with all-wheel drive. But on the lower end, Mazda leads the pack -- at the racetrack and in suburbia." -- Boston Globe
  • "The Mazdaspeed version just amplifies everything that I like about the standard edition -- more power, hotter looks, better handling, but still totally drivable on a daily basis. And the price is still very reasonable." -- About.com
  • "The Mazdaspeed3 is an outstanding little car for anyone who wants something that's fun to drive, looks good and is relatively affordable -- nearly as much fun as a Subaru STI or a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, but more civilized and considerably less expensive." -- Detroit News
  • "Possessing impressive performance capabilities as well as plenty of daily-use utility, the 2009 Mazda Mazdaspeed3 is our favorite sport compact." -- Edmunds
Review Last Updated: 3/16/09

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