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2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe Interior

This interior review was created when the car was new. Some links may no longer point to an active page.

Many consider the E-Class to be the bedrock design that sets the tone for all Mercedes cars. That thought wasn’t lost on the designers who built the all-new E-Class Coupe for 2010. Its interior emphasizes old-school luxury. Modern, high-tech electronics are present, but the overall design theme is muted, conservative and classic. Aluminum and walnut trim are kept to a minimum. Instead, the interior offers an emphasis on gathered leather and soft-touch surfaces. Though the Coupe’s interior dimensions are smaller than those of its sedan sibling, reviewers say the cabin doesn’t feel tight at all.

  • "The interior is wonderfully light and airy, helped by thin pillars, large windows, and the all-glass roof, and is laden with all the standard equipment you'd expect in a midsize Mercedes." -- Motor Trend
  •  +“The E Coupe's interior gets a dose of high-end upholstery that is usually associated with Mercedes' premium AMG-edition models.” -- Los Angeles Times
  • “Sedans and coupes have different dashboard and door-panel designs, but both are made up of top-grade materials. Colors and textures are varied, and wood and metal highlights raise the chic factor.” -- Consumer Guide

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The 2010 E-Class Coupe is available with two sport seats in front and two bucket seats in back, or as an option, with the extraordinary multi-contour seats from the S-Class Sedan at all four positions. These seats use 11 separate air chambers, each of which can be inflated separately, to provide a custom fit.

In back, the E-Class Coupe provides buckets seats for two. The car will seat four, but those who routinely carry adults in the back seat will want to look at the E-Class Sedan or one of its four-door competitors – the new Buick LaCrosse, for instance, has an exceptionally spacious rear seat. The rear seats of the Coupe, reviewers say, are large for coupe seats, but still small for daily use. 

  • "Seats are comfortable and supportive. The S-Class' multi-contour seats with a massage function in the backrest are newly optional in E-Class sedans and coupes…Though not as awkward as in some coupes, entry and exit are not nearly as easy as they are in the sedans." -- Consumer Guide
  • “The seats are supportive, and climbing in or out is eased by the power front seats, which flip and glide forward...The reduced dimensions have deleted nearly a third of the rear-seat space but haven't made the E coupe a mere two-plus-two. Rear headroom will be on the wish lists of individuals over six feet tall, but there's plenty of knee, leg, and toe room for two modestly sized adults." -- Car and Driver
  • "The coupe seats only two people, but overall rear seat comfort is better than that in most luxury coupes. … The coupe and AMG's sport seats offer a closer fit, designed to keep you in place through turns." -- Edmunds
  • "This is a four-seat car -- that is, two bucket seats in back -- and while access to the rear is good and headroom under the low roof is surprisingly ample, the rear seat space is for occasional use only.” -- Los Angeles Times
  • “The rear seats are comparatively easy to enter and exit and they afford reasonable short-haul comfort for adults, though we wonder why there's no center armrest in this dedicated four-seater.” -- Motor Trend

Interior Features

Early reviewers haven’t spent much time discussing the utility of the E-Class Coupe’s cabin. They nearly all, however, discuss Mercede’s COMAND interface. A single knob that works with the navigation screen to control virtually all climate and entertainment functions, it’s not easy to learn. Reviewers say the current version of COMAND is easier to understand than previous editions, but still more complicated to learn than systems that use separate controls for separate functions.

Unfortunately for luxury coupe shoppers, there aren’t any better alternatives. The iDrive system on the BMW 3-Series Coupe, for instance, involves the same learning curve.   

  • “The controller dial for the COMAND system that programs audio and navigation systems is within easy and comfortable reach on the center console in both body styles. The system still requires quite a bit of work to access and establish settings.” -- Consumer Guide
  • "COMAND interface is occasionally fussy to use." -- Edmunds


The trunk of the E-Class Coupe measures 15.9 cubic feet -- the same measurement as the trunk found on the E-Class Sedan.Yet reviewers say the Coupe’s seems smaller, with an odd shape that makes it less useful. Still, it is significantly larger than most luxury Coupe trunks. The BMW 3-Series, for instance, offers only 11.1 cubic feet of luggage space. We found few comments about interior storage -- usually a sign that there is enough for most people’s needs.

  • "The coupe trunk is smaller [than the sedan’s] and the floor rises slightly at the back, just behind the rear seats." -- Consumer Guide

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