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2009 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon Interior

This interior review was written when the 2009 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon was new.

Reviewers, on balance, find that the E Class Wagon offers loads of convenience features, cargo room, and luxury. However, some ergonomic quirks and a lack of rear seat legroom detract from its overall appeal.

  • "Cabin decor is modern and tasteful, with quality materials and top-notch assembly. Structures seem impressively stout; door closings sound like those of a bank vault." -- Consumer Guide
  • "Only with the more recent models have the cabins grown luxurious, with generous helpings of leather, wood and chrome trim throughout." -- Edmunds
  • "All materials and trim are substantial-feeling; tidy French seams in the console and door trim areas add an elegant touch." -- Forbes

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According to auto writers, the E350 4Matic Wagon seats five adults in a squeeze. While most find the front seats accommodating, many note a serious lack of legroom in the rear when taller front passengers adjust their seats.

  • "The E-Class "comfortably seats four adults, with a fifth able to squeeze into the backseat when necessary." --Forbes
  • "Six-footers get good headroom and plenty of legroom [in the front]. The seats and tilt and telescopic steering wheel have ample power adjustments to tailor a good driving stance.  ... The [rear] seat is supportive and comfortable for two adults; three would be squeezed. Headroom is limited for six-footers, legroom grows tight behind a tall front-seater, and foot space is only adequate. Narrow floor-level passages cramp entry and exit." -- Consumer Guide
  • "The seats are supportive, but the bottoms are too hard. Front legroom is great, but at the expense of the folks riding in back." -- Arizona Republic
  • "Interior space is generous up front; one unusually tall journalist told me the new E was one of the few cars that accommodated him comfortably. Unfortunately, I had to sit behind this guy, and were it not for the deep cutouts scooped into the seatback, I wouldn't have been able to do it without having my knees surgically removed." -- About.com

Interior Features

The '09 E350 4Matic Wagon features loads of standard and optional convenience features. Critics, however, report some design and ergonomic quirks. Standard equipment include a harman/kardon LOGIC7 digital surround-sound system and six-disc CD changer.

  • "The 2009 Mercedes-Benz E-Class gets a new audio unit that includes an in-dash memory card reader. The standard single-CD player has been replaced by a six-CD/DVD changer with video playback, and there's a new hard-drive-based navigation system that includes 4GB of storage for music." -- Edmunds
  • "Gauges are easy to read. Most controls are illuminated and handy, but some are far right of center--making them a bit of a reach -- and others have unclear markings, especially those for the audio system. The available navigation system isn't daunting but still requires familiarization. The steering-column stalk for the cruise control can easily be confused with the turn signal/wiper stalk." -- Consumer Guide
  • "A number of the latest high-tech features are optionally available for gadget lovers, but many are offered only in costly equipment packages." -- Forbes


The E Class Wagon provides 68.9 cubic-feet of cargo room with its second row seat folded down.

  • "Buy the E-Class wagon without the third row, and a warren of storage areas becomes available beneath the rear folding panels." -- Boston Globe
Review Last Updated: 11/30/09

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