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2009 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class Interior

This interior review was written when the 2009 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class was new.

Most auto writers find the SL's cabin to be luxurious, comfortable, and jam packed with an impressive array of modern convenience features. Still, it's not without fault. Criticisms include a difficult-to-use COMAND infotainment system, as well as an uncomfortable headrest.

  • "The SL's cabin has a sportier ambience than a CL- or S-Class. However, that doesn't mean it lacks richness. Materials quality is first-rate, as is assembly." -- Consumer Guide
  • "In the realm of two-seat roadsters, it doesn't get more spacious or more luxurious than the Mercedes-Benz SL-Class.  ... It's hard to think of a cabin better suited to top-down motoring." -- Edmunds
  • "A luscious cabin with the scent of leather and wood, and it's well insulated from the outside world. The mechanical workings of the retractable hardtop are visible, which seems weird in this range of price and sophistication." -- Arizona Republic

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With the exception of one reviewer who took issue with the SL's headrests, most found its two-passenger cabin to be roomy, comfortable and supportive for even tall passengers.

  • "As for overall comfort, you'll be hard pressed to find a more comfortable set of seats..." -- Kelley Blue Book
  • "With the hardtop raised, even our tallest editor, at 6-foot-3, had enough headroom, while legroom was also pretty good. The 12-way power seats offer a huge range of adjustment, while the available multicontour seats can be molded to anyone's body shape." -- Edmunds
  • "Even larger adults will have plenty of room. The ventilated seats are particularly handy for top-down summer driving. A low-slung body and long doors complicate entry and exit." -- Consumer Guide
  • "I found the blocky headrests to be annoyingly uncomfortable." -- Arizona Republic

Interior Features

The 2009 SL features loads of impressive convenience technology. While a reviewer favorite is its optional Airscarf system, many complain that its updated COMAND multi-media interface unnecessarily complicates controls.

  • "A sporty new three-spoke steering wheel is the most dramatic change made to the SL's interior. The only other changes of note are the mildly revised instrument cluster, a more logical COMAND infotainment system, and the newly available three-speed Airscarf system that blows warm air onto your neck. But it's what you feel through the steering wheel, we'd say, that is more important." -- Car and Driver
  • "Like most Mercedes-Benz models, SL uses are version of the company's COMAND control system. In this application, it lacks the center-console joystick found on the CL- and S-Class models. This makes it much harder to do things, such as change radio station bands or operate the navigation system. The gauges are easy enough to read, though performing simple tasks like resetting the trip odometer requires multiple button presses." -- Consumer Guide
  • "We do like the new multimedia interface on the center console, and the new three-spoke steering wheel is as good looking as the instrument panel it frames. Ten speakers of 510-watt sound assault the ears." -- Motor Trend
  • "One of the most interesting additions is an optional Airscarf, which is two small fans incorporated in each head restraint that blow warm air at the occupant's neck. Mercedes says the objective is to 'extend the open-air driving season.' An updated Comand system features improved menus, additional features and the option of a Universal Consumer Interface - a port that accepts portable music players and flash memory and allows them to be controlled through the stereo, complete with onscreen menus." -- Cars.com


The '09 SL provides 10.2 cubic-feet of cargo room with its top up and 7.2 cubic-feet with it down.

  • "One tremendous achievement for Mercedes is the usable space in the trunk. At 7.2 cubic feet with the top down - 10.2 with it up - you can store at least two carry-on-size bags and probably more. Competitors like the XK have similar numbers, but the space isn't as usable. I even did a Costco run for a holiday-weekend BBQ and had plenty of room to spare." -- Cars.com
  • "Mercedes-Benz claims SL has 10.2 cu-ft of cargo space with the top up and 7.2 with it lowered. Not all that space is usable or handy. Even a weekend's worth of luggage for two will require some careful packing. Interior storage includes a modestly sized center console bin, glovebox, and handy storage inside the door armrests. There are also bins behind the seats." -- Consumer Guide
Review Last Updated: 3/11/10

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