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2012 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Interior

This interior review was written when the 2012 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter was new.

Depending on the configuration you choose, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is the biggest van on the market. Like other full-size vans, its standard seats aren’t particularly plush, but the Sprinter offers upgraded thrones that should help occupants stay more comfortable. Keep in mind that other vans can hold more people, but they likely won’t have as much passenger space and the seats won’t be as comfortable as the ones in the Sprinter. Additionally, though the Sprinter might carry the Mercedes-Benz name behind it, and it’s nicer inside than most work vans, don’t expect it to feel like an S-Class sedan inside. Reviewers note that the Sprinter is all business.

  • "Despite its Mercedes-Benz badge, don't expect wood trim, leather upholstery or the latest high-tech gizmos inside the Sprinter. At the same time, build quality is notably better than in other full-size vans, and the Sprinter generally also has a more modern feel.” -- Edmunds
  • "Despite it being a Mercedes-Benz, don't expect soft-touch plastics, leather, and wood trim. Still, the Sprinter's interior comes off as wholly modern with a tilting and telescoping steering wheel and sturdy materials throughout.” -- Automotive.com
  • "(A) high-quality feel pervades.” -- Car and Driver

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The automotive press is happy with the amount of passenger space in the Sprinter. The Passenger Van model can hold up to 12 people, with an interior height of 6 feet 4 inches in high roof models and a relatively low step-in height of about 20 inches. The lower the step-in height, the easier it will be to load heavy cargo and for passengers to get inside. Most reviewers don’t consider the Sprinter’s seats long-haul comfortable, but the premium package adds seats with lumbar and thigh support adjustments for the driver and front passenger. That’s fairly luxurious for a passenger van. Shoppers should keep in mind that while 12 seats is a lot, the Ford E-Series, Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana can all hold up to 15 people in extended-wheelbase models.

  • "The high-roof body style means ample headroom for anyone. Entry includes a difficult first step up. … Sprinter's tall design and huge side door make for easy entry and exit. Some passengers found flat seats uncomfortable for long trips.” -- Consumer Guide

Interior Features

Overall, reviewers are satisfied with the switchgear and standard features that come with the 2012 Sprinter. Though the Sprinter is outfitted like the rest of the vans in its class, reviewers say that its build quality reflects its Mercedes-Benz brand. Like all passenger and cargo vans, the Sprinter comes with a relatively short list of standard features, including power front windows, an AM/FM radio, air conditioning and an armrest for both the driver and front passenger. However, it does offer more optional features than many other passenger vans, like a six-disc CD changer and front parking sensors.

  • "Materials are of a grade appropriate to Sprinter's commercial services vocation. Everything appears highly durable and built with a purpose. Assembly quality is top-notch, as expected from a vehicle wearing a Mercedes-Benz badge.” -- Consumer Guide
  • "A tilt-and-telescoping steering column and four different front seat styles with multiple adjustments ensure ample comfort, while the Sprinter's modern control layout makes it feel more like a midsize SUV than a utilitarian van.” -- Edmunds


Reviewers are uniformly impressed by the Sprinter’s maximum cargo capacity of 547 cubic feet in the Cargo Van model. The Passenger Van can hold 141.3 cubic feet of gear with all seats in use and up to 494 cubic feet with the seats removed.

Writers also love that the high-roof versions are at least 6 feet 4 inches tall inside, so most people can stand up when walking to their seat or going through the cargo hold. Plus, the Sprinter has a step-in height that’s lower than most other vans. This makes it easier to get in and out of and load heavy cargo. One reviewer wishes for more small-items storage cubbies for the driver and front passenger.

  • "Thanks to its 51-inch sliding door and class-leading 20-inch step-in height, the Sprinter makes entering and exiting the passenger area a cinch. Inside, the high-roof option and its 6-foot-4-inch cabin height allow for even tall folks to walk upright; the Ford and Chevy at best can only accommodate the Lollipop Guild.” -- Edmunds
  • "Vast, though perhaps not quite enough for a full load of travelers with luggage. The swing away rear doors offer unfettered access to the cargo area. Note that the side access aisle doubles easily as additional stowage in a pinch. Front cabin small-item storage is very limited.” -- Consumer Guide
Review Last Updated: 10/10/13

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