Avg. Price Paid:$7,018 - $9,409
Original MSRP: $19,095 - $25,900
MPG: 20 City / 29 Hwy
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2008 Mercury Milan Review

This review was written when the 2008 Mercury Milan was new.

The Milan delivers one of the best combinations of handling, interior room and pleasing styling in its class, but its drawbacks include a relatively weak engine lineup and a lack of stability control technology.

The 2008 Mercury Milan has solid handling, plenty of interior room and abundant crash protection features. Nevertheless, reviewers report the Milan's weak engine options, inconsistent transmission and lack of dynamic stability control detract from its overall appeal. And although a stripper version of the Milan could cost you less than $20,000, the sedan doesn't offer impressive gas mileage.

Additionally, a number of reviews say the sedan's smooth and sophisticated lines reasonable degree of character are not distinctive enough from the higher-ranked Ford Fusion, the Milan's platform-mate. Similar to the Fusion, the Milan carries over to 2008 with minimal changes. If you're in the market for an affordable midsize sedan, consider the similar Ford Fusion, or the high-ranking Honda Accord.

  • Car and Driver says the Milan and its platform-mate, the Ford Fusion are "thoroughly modern four-doors, with roomy interiors, excellent crashworthiness ratings, and a better-than-average fun-to-drive index." -- Car and Driver
  • Compared to the Fusion, The Truth About Cars writes, "' Why eat with a plastic fork when you can dine with a silver spoon?' I reckon that depends on what and where you're eating. And even if we accept that analogy, the Milan is, at best, a silver plated plastic fork." -- The Truth About Cars
  • "The five-passenger Milan - and presumably the corporate twin Ford Fusion as well - seem like the right cars for these uncertain economic times, offering elegant looks, respectable fuel economy, reasonable purchase prices, and your money's worth in handling and comfort." -- Newsday
  • "A solid, attractive, good performer that fills a gaping hole in the Mercury lineup." -- Orlando Sentinel
  • "The Milan is a case where 'very good'…isn't good enough." -- Washington Post
  • "From the benign outside appearance to the boilerplate interior design to the run-of-the-mill engine choices, the Milan is just pleasant rather than pleasing, predictable instead of impressive." -- CNET
Review Last Updated: 3/10/09

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