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2008 Mitsubishi Galant Interior

This interior review was written when the 2008 Mitsubishi Galant was new.

The 2008 Galant's five-seat interior gets a goodo score, but is lost in the shuffle of a large and competitive class. "The Galant has enough space front and rear for over-six-footers and a class-competitive, 13-cubic-foot trunk," says Car and Driver. "But it doesn't stack up nearly as well when it comes to interior materials. There are lots of cheap-looking hard plastics throughout."

Like the exterior, the Galant's cabin is also unique. "The most upscale Galant interior, while not elegant, has a rough urban-chic edge," says U.S. News reviewer Rick Newman. But overall the Galant's interior is not on par with the top vehicles in its class. "The Galant's cabin features a distinctive, if somewhat quirky, design," says Edmunds. "Though higher in quality than any previous Galant interior, the current cabin ensemble still can't quite match the refined look and feel of the Mitsubishi's main competitors, but there's no question that its interior style is distinctive."

Despite originality, reviews are mixed about the materials, cargo space and navigation system in the Galant. "The Galant's interior is unfortunate," says Cars.com. "Mitsubishi used good-quality materials, but the execution falls short." However, the Galant is praised for its seating comfort and space.

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Overall, reviewers like the comfort of the seats, but point out the lack of side bolster support. "Seating front and rear is roomy and softly cushioned," says Edmunds. MSN calls the front seats "big and supportive." Cars.com says, "The front seats have plenty of support and not too much side bolstering." CNET says, "The front buckets have barely any side bolstering and will let you slide all over the place during hard cornering." This was the consensus. Automobile.com explains "The bolsters are too shallow and don't provide enough lateral support, and the headrests are angled too far back, making them useless for support unless the seatbacks are reclined all the way, putting you more in the mood for a nap than a spirited drive."

Reviews of the rear seat are favorable. Most consider the seat area itself to be large. "The back seat in the Galant is particularly roomy," says the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. About.com says, "Legroom in the rear is exceptionally generous … The back seat has plenty of space, offering comfortable seating for three average-sized adults." Another reviewer thinks there is enough space in the rear for three passengers, but questions the comfort level. "Four tall adults comfortably fit in the quiet interior," says MSN. "Too bad the center of the back seat is too hard to comfortably accommodate a fifth."


Interior Features

Overall, reviewers appreciate the interior styling of the gauges in the 2008 Galant, but reviews are mixed concerning the quality of materials. New Car Test Drive noted improved materials inside and calls the quality of the materials decent and "quite good for a Mitsubishi." MSN disagrees. "There's evidence of cost-cutting with the new Galant," they say. "For example, some interior materials look marginal." Most reviewers praise the look of the gauges and controls and lighting. "With a cascading center console, blue backlighting, white-faced gauges and metallic or wood-grained accents, the Galant's cabin is stylish in a contemporary way," says Edmunds. Kelley Blue Book echoes this: "The Galant's interior is a refreshing blend of bold, modern design and soothing blue light."


Car and Driver calls the Galant's 13.3 cubic-feet of trunk space "class-competitive" but other testers disagree. "The Galant's rear seat offers a trunk pass-thru in the center armrest, but a folding seatback is not available," says Cars.com. "That's unfortunate, because the trunk measures just 13.3 cubic feet -- a figure the Accord, Camry, Malibu and Sonata easily beat." Despite disagreeing about overall room, most reviewers criticize the Galant for not designing folding seatbacks to improve cargo dimensions. "The large trunk has a low, wide opening," says MSN. "A structural brace to make the car more rigid prevents rear seatbacks from folding forward to increase cargo room -- a drawback that probably will be noted by some families."

Stereo and Entertainment

Galant DE models come with a 140-watt Mitsubishi AM/FM/CD player with four speakers, while ES and GTS models also feature MP3 playback capability and two additional speakers. Reviewers are pleased with the eight-speaker, premium Rockford Acoustic Design audio sound system, standard on the Ralliart model, but several reviewers note the absence of an iPod connector.

Additional Features

"The only real option on this four-door is satellite Navigation with a seven-inch LCD Touch Screen," says Motor Week. It is the only package offered with the Galant Ralliart model. "The navigation system on the Galant Ralliart has good route guidance, but is pretty mediocre in other respects," says CNET.

Reviews of the navigation system in the Galant are mixed. "Kudos go to Mitsubishi for filling the trip computer screen with an actual DVD Navigation System," says Automobile.com. "It's easy to use with touchscreen functionality and it operates much like the systems found in Acuras, Hondas and Mazdas, with daily life planners that even boast alarms. Punch in your dentist appointment, a memo to pick up your clothes at the cleaners and a note to pick up something for dinner on the way home, and the car will remind you."

Other reviewers do not favor the system. The "touch-screen navigation system looks tacked on, isn't all that easy to use, and washes out in direct sunlight," says Car and Driver, a far cry from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette review, who call the navigation system one of the best in the business with "easy-to-see graphics and intuitive controls." Another reviewer thinks the system functions well, but has an issue with the voice directions. "The optional DVD-based navigation system on my tester worked well, but the spoken directions had an annoying habit of ending with an audible click, almost as if they were coming in via CB radio: "Turn next left, click," says About.com. "Ten-four, good buddy."

Review Last Updated: 3/10/09

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