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2012 Nissan Cube Interior

This interior review was created when the car was new. Some links may no longer point to an active page.

The 2012 Nissan Cube is one of the most eccentric cars on the market. Aesthetics aside, reviewers find the Cube’s interior satisfying. Quality is on point for this price range, the seats are comfortable, and even though the rear door makes it difficult to load groceries and luggage, drivers can store a lot with the rear seats folded.

  • "Modest materials and hard plastics are used to good effect for a pleasant cabin that presents better than many class rivals." -- Consumer Guide


Shorter adults will fit inside the 2012 Nissan Cube a lot better than taller ones, who will have plenty of headroom but might be short on knee and leg space once they sit down. The seats are comfortable, but aren’t very supportive during long hauls. As an added bonus, the back seats slide back and forth and recline, giving them a couch-like quality reviewers like.

  • "The Cube offers a lot of headroom -- more than the Scion xB and the Soul in the front and as much as the Soul in the rear -- giving the car a roomy, open feeling." -- CNET
  • "Our only complaint is that taller folks may wish for a bit more knee space behind a front seat pushed all the way back. Otherwise, Cube has excellent rear-seat space and comfort. The rear seat can slide fore and aft to favor cargo or passenger room, and the split seat backs can recline independently." -- Consumer Guide

Interior Features

Some reviewers call the Cube’s interior high-fashion; others call it strange. It’s got a curvy dashboard and an interesting headliner that imitates ripples created by a droplet of water. There’s even a “Shag Dash Topper” at the center of the dashboard that confused test drivers because it’s not functional and looks like a toupee. It turns out the shag is just there for aesthetics, and if you think it’s weird, don’t worry, it’s not standard. Built for tech-savvy 20-somethings, the Cube offers a lot of features that will appeal to this crowd. If you upgrade to the S or SL trims you get Bluetooth connectivity. There’s also an optional rearview camera on the S and SL trims.

Reviewers say that the interior materials are about what you’d expect for the class, though the Cube’s interior does have some extra flair.

  • "The upgraded stereo system on the SL interfaces with iPods and iPhones. However, I would have preferred actual iPod integration that's easier to use. Nissan explains that their setup is more modular; that it's easier to accommodate the next big thing, which may or may not be iPod-centric. But in the meantime, I couldn't figure out how to select different playlists." -- CNET
  • "Controls are well placed and clearly marked. The SL model has an automatic climate control system that uses push buttons, while the S gets a simpler system with rotary knobs. Both are easy to use. Nissan's typical steering-wheel-mounted cruise controls make a welcome appearance on both models, and the SL's Preferred Package adds redundant audio controls." -- Consumer Guide


The 2012 Cube only offers about 11.4 cubic feet of cargo space with all seats in use. With the rear seats down, the cargo hold expands considerably to 58.1 cubic feet, which is impressive for the class. One of the main complaints reviewers have is with the Cube’s rear door, which opens like a refrigerator. They say gets in the way when loading and unloading items.

  • "The Cube's cargo area is deep, but not very long front-to-back with the rear seat up. There isn't any underfloor storage, but the available cargo organizer is quite handy." -- Consumer Guide
  • "Bungee cords affixed to the doors can be used to hold small items such as maps, and knobs protrude from the center stack and doors on which you can hang things (up to 1.5 kilograms). Finally there's a good place to hang a garbage bag." -- CNET
  • "My biggest gripe about the Cube is its wide, refrigerator-style rear door. After a trip to the grocery store, I pulled my shopping cart up to the back of the Cube, but couldn't fully open the swing-out door without bumping it into the cart. I had to awkwardly swing my cart out into traffic, around my body and the partially open rear door to the right-rear side of the car where I could finally load my bags without any obstructions." -- Cars.com

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