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Nissan GT-R Interior

For 2015, the Nissan GT-R received better sound insulation and upgraded materials, and some reviewers say it is quieter and more luxurious. However, others still say the GT-R's cabin looks and feels a bit down-market compared with the interiors of some rivals. Reviewers like the GT-R's high-quality stereo sound and note that the touch-screen infotainment system, which can display a wide variety of performance specs, is sleek. They also say it has decent trunk space and unexpectedly comfortable front seats.

  • "The cabin is quieter than before, and the interior appointments have more of a luxury feel." -- AutoWeek
  • "Inside, the Nismo has carbon fiber this and Alcantara that, including a suede-y three-spoke steering wheel. But some obligatory materials, even the stellar Recaro seats, can't paper over the general impression: in contrast with other six-figure supercars, the Nissan's interior is like Carl from Caddyshack guzzling brews in the Bushwood dining room." -- Automobile Magazine
  • "Inside and out, the GT-R looks the part of a fast car. Its exterior is sleek and aerodynamic, and inside is a well-crafted, sport-infused cockpit with no shortage of performance cues." -- AutoTrader


The 2015 Nissan GT-R seats four and comes standard with an eight-way power-adjustable driver seat, a four-way power-adjustable passenger seat, heated front seats and black leather upholstery with faux-suede inserts. Available features include Recaro front sport seats and new hand-stitched beige or red leather upholstery. Test drivers say the GT-R's front seats offer a high seating position, excellent long-distance comfort and are easier to get into and out of than the seats in competing sports cars. They note that the cabin is on the smaller side, but the adjustable driver seat and steering wheel make it comfortable for all but the tallest occupants. According to reviewers, the GT-R's rear seats are only large enough for luggage, though that's par for the course in this class.

  • "Unlike cars with similar performance, getting in and out of the upright GT-R is a snap. The seating position is relatively high and the doors are long. The standard front seats also offer surprisingly good comfort for such a performance-focused machine, making the GT-R a reasonable road trip companion." -- Edmunds
  • "Though it's advertised as a 2+2, the GT-R is in truth suitable for two occupants only - the rear seats are best left to mortal enemies and luggage." -- Left Lane News
  • "Yes, the seats are a gift from the car gods, offering excellent bolstering and plenty of comfort for long hauls in the saddle, and yes, like the dash, they're swaddled in supple leather." -- Autoblog (2014)
  • "The 2014 Nissan GT-R's highly stylized cockpit is cozy, yet the sport seats with nine inches of travel and a tilt/telescopic steering column help to accommodate all but NBA-sized drivers." -- Kelley Blue Book (2014)

Interior Features

Standard features in the 2015 Nissan GT-R include a rearview camera, push-button start, dual-zone automatic climate control and an infotainment system with a 7-inch touch screen, navigation, an 11-speaker Bose audio system with a DVD player, satellite radio, Bluetooth and a USB port. The GT-R's infotainment screen can also display a number of performance specs, including turbo boost, cornering force and lap times.

Automotive journalists are impressed with the 2015 GT-R's infotainment screen, which they say is sleek and video game-inspired, as well as its ability to display a wide variety of performance data. Reviewers also praise the GT-R's Bose audio system for its excellent sound quality.

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  • "… a specially-designed 11-speaker Bose stereo - including two forward-facing woofers in the rear center armrest area - is a treat for audiophiles." -- Left Lane News
  • "The 2014 Nissan GT-R is still using the same multi-function display that first debuted with the model when it launched. It hasn't gotten any less cool in that time. If, like me, you grew up playing the Gran Turismo franchise, you'll immediately recognize the type face. Nissan turned to Polyphony Digital to design the interface, and the display has several user-configurable displays good for serving up a veritable cornucopia of information." -- Autoblog (2014)
  • "The center display tells you absolutely everything you'd want to know about what's going on under the skin, with graphics by Polyphony Digital, the same people responsible for Gran Turismo." -- Jalopnik (2014)


The 2015 Nissan GT-R has 8.8 cubic feet of trunk space, which is typical for the class. Auto writers are pleased with the size of the GT-R's trunk, noting that has enough space for luggage for a weekend trip.

  • "Trunk space is commendable for this type of car, and the deep well of storage can accommodate up to 8.8 cubic feet of cargo." -- Edmunds (2014)
  • "The GT-R's trunk is of reasonable size and should provide enough room for a weekend's worth of luggage." -- Consumer Guide (2012)
  • "Rated at just 8.8 cubic feet of cargo volume, the trunk sounds small, measuring about the same as a Camaro convertible I recently tested that had one of the tightest confines I've ever seen. But, in fact, the GT-R's cargo hold seems rather cavernous and deep." -- Cars.com (2012)
Review Last Updated: 3/2/15

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$101,770 - $149,990
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