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Nissan Quest Performance

The 2015 Nissan Quest gets good fuel economy for the class, and reviewers agree that it has strong acceleration and a smooth ride. Some test drivers think it delivers nimble handling, but others don’t think it’s very agile compared to class leaders like the Honda Odyssey.

  • "Moreover, thanks to its strong, seamless acceleration and relatively agile handling, the Quest is anything but a chore to drive." -- Edmunds
  • "It’s a package that is great for skipping from stop sign to stop sign or cruising down the freeway, but not so happy being hustled down a mountain road." -- Road and Track (2011)

Acceleration and Power

The 2015 Nissan Quest comes with a 260-horsepower, 3.5-liter V6 engine and a continuously variable transmission (CVT). According to the EPA, the 2015 Quest gets 20/27 mpg city/highway, which is good for the class.

Test drivers write that the Nissan Quest accelerates quickly off the line and has plenty of power for climbing steep hills or passing on the highway.

  • "Instant response from the engine and transmission make it easy and pleasant to pass on the highway or climb steep grades." -- Edmunds
  • "The 3.5-liter V6 provides ample power in all situations." -- Consumer Guide (2013)
  • "Weighing more than 4300 pounds, the Quest accelerates briskly at wide-open throttle." -- Popular Mechanics (2011)

Handling and Braking

Some critics say the 2015 Nissan Quest has fairly agile handling, but others think that the Honda Odyssey is more responsive. Reviewers like the Quest’s strong brakes, accurate steering and small turning radius, but they say its large size makes it difficult to maneuver in tight spaces. Some think the Quest’s steering wheel requires too much effort to turn at slow speeds. Test drivers agree that the Quest has a very comfortable ride.

  • "While the Quest should have no problem in rural and suburban settings, driving it on busy city streets requires a lot of attention. Its width means there is little room for error on narrow streets, and it can be a tight fit in some parking lots. The good turning radius helps, but Quest drivers will likely feel more comfortable on roads that are busy and less confined." -- AutoTrader
  • "Precise steering gives the Quest an almost sporting feel around turns, although the effort level feels needlessly heavy at slow speeds." -- Edmunds
  • "The softer suspension results in the Quest's ultra-smooth ride, a tradeoff we think most minivan users will appreciate. Those seeking a bit more feedback might be happier in the VW Routan or Honda Odyssey." -- Kelley Blue Book (2014)
  • "Quest's tight turning radius aids close-quarters maneuverability. Steering is responsive and has a solid, weighted feel. Body lean in corners is fairly pronounced. Braking action is firm and smooth." -- Consumer Guide (2013)
Review Last Updated: 1/26/15

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$26,530 - $43,180
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