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2008 Pontiac G6 Interior

This interior review was written when the 2008 Pontiac G6 was new.

Reviewers like the spaciousness and simplicity of the 2008 G6's interior but don't find it to be particularly luxurious. "On the one hand, the amount of sheer space is amazing," says Road and Track, while ultimately deciding, "As a whole the interior is uninspiring." Similar complaints lead the G6 to earn a middling interior score.

The five-passenger cabin provokes a range of reactions, none of which is an outright rave. Consumer Guide finds that "materials significantly trail those of most midsize rivals." Edmunds somewhat agrees, writing, "Although the G6 still has a few too many hard plastic surfaces, the cabin boasts attractive design with chrome-ringed gauges and simple-to-use, quality switchgear." U.S. News reviewer Rick Newman, on the other hand, finds, "The G6 has a tasteful interior that is largely free of the cheap gimmickry GM has used in the past to entice buyers."


Reviewers largely agree the five-passenger cabin is spacious and comfortable. In the front, says Road and Track, "It's easy to find a good driving position with a manually adjustable steering column that both tilts and telescopes." Kelley Blue Book "appreciated the substantial side bolsters of the front seats," while The Auto Channel claims, "The front seats were comfortable and had a lot of adjustment." Not all reviewers are entirely impressed, though neither are they hyper-critical. "The fundamentals for excellent front seat comfort are in place within the Pontiac G6. The seats are nicely shaped, with good bolstering for sides and thighs. The driver's chair comes with power height adjustment and a manual lumbar support, the steering wheel is tilt and telescopic," explains Autobytel. "So what's the problem? Thinly padded armrests that are placed too low for comfort, a urethane steering wheel with an oddly shaped rim, and a door sill that is too high for long-distance comfort compromise the experience."

In the back, reports Edmunds, "the Pontiac G6 offers generous room for those riding in back, no matter which body style you choose." Kelley Blue Book argues that, in the G6, "the backseat passengers are the big winners, with surprisingly generous legroom (due to the long wheelbase)" and "windows that roll all the way down." Cars.com is one of the few reviewers with anything negative to say about the back seat, writing, "Rear legroom in the sedan is good, but headroom is horrible." Autobytel asserts that "all that's missing to optimize rear seat comfort in the Pontiac G6 is a center fold-down armrest," since it already "features plenty of leg room, decent foot and toe room, adequate thigh support, and a supportive seat cushion."

Interior Features

The G6 cockpit is more functional than flashy, and reviewers find some things to be positive about. U.S. News' Rick Newman reports, "The gauges are shiny and sporty without being overdone. The dashboard controls aren't particularly slick, but they are easy to reach and use." Cars.com likes the "sporty controls and racing-style gauges with red LED backlighting," but finds that the "radio controls are confusing." Autobytel disagrees, writing, "Simple and straightforward, the stereo controls in our Pontiac G6 Sedan managed radio and CD functions."

One interior feature that's particularly popular with reviewers is the optional panoramic roof. "One of the G6's unique features is the "panoramic roof" that consists of three panels plus a tilt-up front section. There are four possible settings from just tilting up the front section to a fully open roof that (un)covers most of the passenger compartment," explains The Auto Channel. "With the roof fully open and a front window open as well, there's an enormous amount of air rushing through the passenger compartment. You can open the roof and keep the windows closed for less air (a better solution) or open just one or two panels. Opening the roof is easy, too. Just turn a rotary dial to the number you want and it's done."


The Pontiac G6 has a solid 14 cubic feet of cargo space in the trunk. However, "the opening is small and the liftover height to clear the bulging rear bumper is substantial," says Autobytel, also finding that closing the trunk "is difficult because Pontiac forgot to include any sort of assist handle or grip on the inside of the unfinished, bare-metal lid" --and that the G6 "lacks rear door panel bins, card clips, visor straps, and seat cushion pockets. It has a coin box, a good-size center console bin, large rubber-lined front cupholders, a rubber-lined tray in the dash, an average glove box, and medium-size bins in the front doors." Road and Track dislikes the "ill-fitting liner for the storage cubby that looks like a stowaway from Rubbermaid's reject pile."

Review Last Updated: 3/10/09

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