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2008 Porsche Boxster Interior

This interior review was written when the 2008 Porsche Boxster was new.

The 2008 Boxster's interior is characterized by comfortable seats, luxurious appointments, and two trunks -- a definite plus for any luxury two-seat convertible.

Edmunds says that the Boxster "projects the aura of a premium sports car -- and with two ample cargo holds front and rear, it's a fairly practical daily driver, too." Even so, reviews complain that its controls can be difficult to distinguish. Consumer Guide, for instance, notes that though they're laid out logically, the audio and climate systems are "governed by too many undersized, look-alike buttons." Increasing the cabin's appeal, however, is superior fit and finish. Automobile.com notes that it's "superbly detailed with high-end plastics, beautifully stitched leather and brushed aluminum trim that really pops out at you."


The Porsche Boxster features ample seating for two average-size adults and is comfortable to take on long trips. According to Consumer Guide, its low-slung cockpit is "roomy enough for six-footers." While Automobile.com says the seating "continues to fit like a glove," the Orlando Sentinel remarks "the Boxster cockpit is snug but roomy enough for long trips." Edmunds adds, "Seat-comfort is also extraordinary for both occupants." Motor Trend explains: "The seating position is slightly lower, and the new convertible top is higher for improved headroom. New seats offer even better lateral support, making the Boxster cockpit a near perfect place to conduct the business of spirited driving--or riding. Even the passenger is held firmly and comfortably in place without having to grasp the door handle." Even so, Consumer Guide reports that entering and exiting the cabin "demands some flexibility."

As for cabin noise, Edmunds reports: "Wind control with the top down is excellent, but we found top-up wind noise above 70 mph can sometimes be enough to challenge both conversation and the Boxster's sound system." The Orlando Sentinel adds, "With the top up, there's a fair amount of outside noise coming in, but it isn't objectionable as long as you understand that this is, after all, a sports car."

Interior Features

Reviews offer very little complaints about the Boxster's interior features. "Even the DVD nav system is simple to program, as we found when we hijacked a car for an extra nighttime drive to the next city in a desperate attempt to find something to criticize to prevent this review from reading like a fan-club rave," remarks Motor Trend. "Sorry, even the lighting is excellent."

Included among the many standard comfort and convenience features on every Porsche Boxster is an on-board computer and AM/FM radio with in-dash CD player. Though Automobile.com says its stereo system is a "relatively simple setup compared to BMW's overly complicated and sometimes frustrating i-Drive," they also note minor issues: "Sound quality is decent but not the best and there's no plug-in for an iPod or satellite radio, however ... this probably won't be as much of an issue to Boxster buyers."


"Anyone who has ever used a sports car as a daily driver, let alone taken a trip in one, has to feel that having not one, but two reasonable trunks is like having your cake and eating it, and then getting seconds," jokes Kelley Blue Book. Automobile.com adds, "From a practicality standpoint, there isn't a more functional two-seat roadster on the planet." According to the Orlando Sentinel, "There's almost 10 cubic feet of luggage space in the front and rear trunks, but very little in the cockpit itself." What's more, Consumer Guide reports, "No volume is lost when [the] roof is lowered." Additional cargo room is available in a center console and lockable glove box.

Review Last Updated: 2/25/09

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