2008 Saturn Aura Hybrid
Avg. Price Paid:$8,457 - $8,457
Original MSRP: $23,900 - $23,900
MPG: 24 City / 32 Hwy
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2008 Saturn Aura Hybrid Review

This review was written when the 2008 Saturn Aura Hybrid was new.

The Aura Green Line has a comfortable and functional cabin, and offers hybrid technology for less money than key competitors, but it can't compete with the performance of others in its class, and its gas mileage is unimpressive.

A practical cabin, attractive exterior and inexpensive price tag are the 2008 Saturn Aura Green Line's greatest attributes, according to most automotive reviewers. In addition, its hybrid technology makes it more fuel efficient than many of the affordable midsize sedans on the market today. But the Green Line is also criticized for shortcomings, especially compared to other hybrid vehicles. According to many, its fuel economy and power disappoint. CNN reports the Aura Hybrid is one of the least cost-effective hybrid sedans sold today, based on a value equation that weighs the car's premium against its annual fuel savings.

The Saturn Aura Green Line is only available in one trim, but the conventional Aura is available in three additional trims. If you're shopping for a hybrid sedan, consider the Toyota Camry Hybrid or Honda Civic Hybrid. If you want more power than a hybrid car can provide, consider the Honda Accord.

  • "I almost want to call it the accidental hybrid, because at no point does it seem like the Aura tries to deliver an 'electrifying' experience. … If anything, the Aura Green Line is a classic case of you get what you pay for." -- Automobile.com
  • "A solid option for potential Aura buyers who don't place a high priority on raw power. But get moving on your purchase, before Saturn sells enough cars to result in a tax credit reduction." -- AutoWeek
  • "I would definitely consider buying this car, but not because it's fun to drive. The Aura hybrid is a nicely designed but sedate family sedan that gets better-than-average mileage and costs less than its main rivals. But if you're looking for a car with pep, this isn't the model for you." -- BusinessWeek
  • "Sorry, Saturn, but we don't foresee long lines forming at the dealership for this budget hybrid." -- Car and Driver
Review Last Updated: 3/10/09

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