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2008 Scion xD Review

This review was written when the 2008 Scion xD was new.

The xD is an acceptable car for around-town cruising and offers plenty of customization options for a unique look and feel. But it doesn't have the stamina or utility of other small cars or hatchbacks and stacks up as simply adequate relative to competitors.

The 2008 Scion xD is a new four-door hatch that replaces another Scion five-door, the 2006 xA. Most automotive reviewers decide the xD is an improvement in terms of styling and power. However, most also admit the 2008 xD is merely acceptable compared to other affordable compacts.

Only available in one trim, the xD is an inexpensive blank canvas, which allows for lots of customization. But prospective buyers should note the cost of individuality can quickly add up. If you're in the market for an affordable small car, the 2008 Scion tC also offers customization options with a coupe shape. If you're interested in a hatchback, consider the Honda Fit.

  • "The xA, fresh out of fashion boot camp, emerges about the same size but remarkably more sleek and svelte-looking than before, with more power to match, and earns the new designation of xD." -- The Car Connection
  • "All in all, the xD is still a small economy car, but it's no torture chamber. It looks decent, drives all right, and houses a useful and attractive interior." -- Car and Driver
  • "A bumpy little car with a funky look and marginally engaging personality." -- USA Today
  • "If you believe, as (for those of you old enough to remember Billy Crystal on Saturday Night Live) Fernando did, that 'it's better to look good than to feel good,' then, dahling, the 2008 Scion xD is the subcompact for you." -- About.com
  • "Affordable, economical, roomy and easy to enter, the Scion is hard not to like -- but it might not like you if you've been hanging around this planet for too long" -- Chicago Sun-Times
  • "The xD is pragmatic transportation. It is relatively light (about 2,500 pounds), so the small engine feels perky and frenetic. It gets good mileage (rated 27 m.p.g. city, 33 m.p.g. highway) while offering useful interior space for four people and their belongings." -- New York Times
Review Last Updated: 2/17/09

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