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2009 Scion xD Interior

This interior review was created when the car was new. Some links may no longer point to an active page.

The Scion xD does not have the space or versatility of its competitors, but many reviewers like the interior just the same.

  • + "The new xD sports a functional, well-built and certainly hip interior design." -- Edmunds

Front Seats

Reviewers generally regard the Scion xD's front seat as comfortable, but with somewhat limited legroom.

  • "Good seat comfort and driver positioning, but the seat lacks height adjustment, and taller folks might find headroom and legroom tight. The long of leg also might wish for a longer seat cushion for proper thigh support." -- Consumer Guide
  • "The xD has the same upright seating position as the Yaris and a driver seat that's short on legroom." -- Edmunds

Rear Seats

The xD's backseat is fine, but most still say you'll be more comfortable in other small cars, including Scion's other hatchback, the xB.

  • "Despite having less legroom than the car it replaces, the xD is still surprisingly friendly to backseat passengers." -- About.com
  • "Unlike the xB, the rear seat has a hard center, making the xD uncomfortable for a third rear occupant." -- Chicago Sun-Times

Interior Features

The 2009 Scion xD's cabin might be simple, but it doesn't look cheap. Reviewers also appreciate the easy-to-use controls.

  • "The interior is awash in hard plastics but avoids looking really cheap." -- Consumer Guide
  • "Controls feel pleasant -- smooth and high-quality -- to rotate, push, pull." -- USA Today
  • "I know youngsters might be looking at the xD's shifters and pedals, but I liked the cargo tote ($40) for organizing the trunk. I also liked the overhead console box ($279) where I could stash my sunglassees and papers. It even has a built-in picture frame, so I could slide in a photo of my kids if I get lonely. I liked that I could have an armrest ($155) put in, too. Shoot, I just like choices!" -- Mother Proof
  • "Climate system controls are large, and gauges are right in front of the driver -- although the small tachometer is hard to read." -- Chicago Sun-Times

Stereo and Entertainment

Reviewers call the 2009 xD's standard Pioneer AM/FM/CD player a competent audio system.

  • "While other automakers have made auxiliary input jacks standard equipment, Scion has gone one step further with a regular aux jack and a dedicated iPod port that provides power and stereo head unit control." -- Edmunds
  • "A booming 160-watt Pioneer - AM/FM/CD head unit with MP3 and satellite radio compatibility combines with Scion Sound Processing (SSP), only to be thrown in the mix with 6-speaker sound system and iPod connector to please the most discerning audiophiles." -- NewCars.com
  • "A strong-sounding Pioneer audio system with six speakers and iPod adapter and auxiliary input are standard." -- MSN


The 2009 Scion xD's optional Scion Navigation System is integrated with a six-speaker 160-watt audio system, and features a 7-inch wide LCD touchscreen, and will play DVDs when the car is parked. But despite its fancy features, reviewers are split on the system's usefulness.

  • "The optional navigation system makes audio control even simpler (and safer) by utilizing the touchscreen to create crystal-clear functions that mirror those on the iPod itself." -- Edmunds
  • "The available navigation system incorporates some audio controls, complicating their use." -- Consumer Guide

Additional Features

There is lots of room for customization, and auto writers are impressed with the xD's comprehensive list of additional features. Some of the interior options include illuminated door sill enhancements, a 4-n-1 light kit with cup holder illumination, remote engine starting and racing shift knobs. However, several reviews note the high cost associated with extras.

  • "Scion seems to have built a car that makes it worth going through the hassle of personalization." -- Edmunds
  • "The average Scion transaction involves more than $1,000 in accessories." -- MSN


With only 10.5 cubic feet of available cargo space, the 2009 xD won't win any awards for its utility. Although some describe the space as adequate for a small car, the convenience and configurability of other hatchbacks like the Honda Fit or the Scion xB lead others to wish the xD offered more.

  • "Compared to popular choices in this segment like the Chevrolet Aveo, Honda Fit and Nissan Versa, it falls short in terms of maximum cargo space (with both the rear seats raised and lowered)." -- Edmunds
  • "The cargo area opening is wide, but rather high, although there's decent cargo space, either with or without the rear seatbacks flipped forward." -- Chicago Sun-Times
  • "The large cargo area includes underfloor bins, but there's only room for a few grocery bags with the rear seat up and shoved back to accommodate passengers. There are plenty of in-cabin slots and pockets, but some of them are too small to be really useful." -- Consumer Guide
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