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2012 Scion xD Interior

This interior review was created when the car was new. Some links may no longer point to an active page.

The 2012 Scion xD carries an impressive list of standard and optional features that surpasses most cars in the class, but when it comes to comfortable seating and good cargo space, the xD is easily trumped.

  • "The ergonomics and utility of the interior are impressive." -- Automobile Magazine
  • "Thankfully, xD's dashboard layout is more conventional than the Scion xB, with the speedometer and tachometer sharing a round dial mounted directly in front of the driver." -- Consumer Guide
  • "That extensive list of customization options is one of the xD's strong points; the range of choices includes everything from shift knobs to performance suspension parts." -- Edmunds


Car reviewers say shorter drivers and front passengers will find the front seat of the Scion xD comfortable, but the taller they are, the more uncomfortable they’ll be. Plus, the steering wheel doesn’t telescope, so it will be difficult for the driver to find a comfortable position.

While the rear seats slide forward and back, test drivers say this novelty doesn’t increase comfort. For more spacious seating all-around, check out the Scion xB, which is a larger Scion model.

  • "Unfriendly to tall drivers." -- Edmunds
  • "(Front seats) The long of leg also might wish for a longer seat cushion for proper thigh support. The lack of a telescopic steering wheel is a comfort minus. Visibility is bad to the rear corners due to thick roof pillars but is OK otherwise. (Rear seats) The seat is high set, but entry and exit suffer from fairly narrow door openings. Limited legroom means even smaller passengers will be cramped. Fore and aft sliding seats seem more like a novelty than a benefit to passenger comfort." -- Consumer Guide
  • "Miraculously, everyone was comfortable when I packed the whole family into the xD. That's always such a pleasure with small cars." -- Mother Proof

Interior Features

A lot of youngsters who buy the Scion xD will customize their car, but buyers who don’t plan on modifying their xD will be quite satisfied with the list of standard features. The xD comes with Bluetooth, HD radio technology and a tilt steering wheel with audio controls. It also has a Pioneer audio system, which is usually optional on other cars, an auxiliary audio jack and a USB port with iPod connectivity. Reviewers aren’t overly impressed with the optional navigation system, though, because it makes the center console’s controls confusing.

Overall, reviewers are pleased with the xD’s available equipment, but one test driver says the black interior shows a lot of scuffs and another says the interior has a budget look.

  • "The interior is awash in budget-grade plastics but avoids looking overly cut-rate. Assembly quality is generally good." -- Consumer Guide
  • "The dash is simple and easy to navigate with a circular radar screen-like consolidated speedometer and tachometer right in front of the driver." -- Kelley Blue Book
  • "Now, I know those young people like their black-colored interiors, and most teens aren't bothered if they're dirty. But not me; black interiors make me crazy. Scuffs show up at the blink of an eye, and sand is a major nuisance because it's so visible on those floormats." -- Mother Proof


With only 10.5 cubic feet with the rear seats up and 35.7 cubic feet with the rear seats down, the Scion xD’s cargo hold is small in comparison with other hatchbacks in the class. The xD does, however, have a lot of interior storage space.

  • "The xD has plenty of storage for odds and ends up front, including an upper and lower glovebox on the passenger's side and a change box and storage tray on the driver's side of the car." -- Kelley Blue Book
  • "Unimpressive cargo space." -- Edmunds
  • "The cargo space can manage a moderate-to-large-sized grocery trip (for my four-person family), so that was fine. When running multiple errands, you'd probably end up using some of the front passenger space for packages." -- Mother Proof
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