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2008 Suzuki Forenza Interior

This interior review was written when the 2008 Suzuki Forenza was new.

The five-seat Suzuki Forenza's interior ranks in the middle of the class. Roomy seating and a good number of features are positives, but most test drivers find the seats uncomfortable and the quality of materials debatable.

"Okay, so it wasn't custom-tailored for Prince Charles, but as far as econoboxes go, the Forenza's up there," says Automotive.com. It's "an interior that's attractive and ergonomically well thought out," notes Newsday.


It is accepted by most reviewers that interior room in the Forenza is very good for a small car. With seating for five occupants, front leg and head room is good and backseat legroom is greater than all the major competitors in this class. Even though three seat belts are available in the rear seat, New Car Test Drive recommends "squeezing three people in the back only if they still want cookies and milk before naptime."

Though the interior of the Forenza is viewed as comfortable in terms of room, the seats themselves don't rate as highly. The Detroit News says that the seat bottoms "felt as hard as picnic benches." Along the same lines, the Cleveland Plain Dealer notes that the "front seat cushions had the same cushioning consistency as oak. Maybe a bit harder."


Due to the large amount of cargo room in the Suzuki Forenza, Car and Driver reports, "It was viewed as a handy vehicle for running errands around town and for trips to Lowe's -- the rear seats could be quickly folded down without having to remove the headrests." Adding to the usefulness for traveling and errands, the "wide hatch makes the cargo area fully accessible for loading big stuff and tie down points to keep stuff from sliding around," notes BusinessWeek. Cargo space in the car is about 12 cubic feet.

Interior Features

Many reviewers are impressed with the number of features that come standard on the Forenza in comparison to other cars in its class. U.S. News' Rick Newman notes, "Driving the Forenza reminded me of walking through Wal-Mart and marveling at how cheap everything is." He continues, "Suzuki's version of the low-cost revolution is an economy car packed with electronics and other features that not long ago were off limits to bargain hunters."

Although the reviewers were pleased with the number of standard features, opinions on the quality of the interior were a bit more divided. "Little touches, such as the double-seam stitching running along the armrest, show an attention to detail not found in other compact cars," states Kelley Blue Book. Yet, About.com says, "The interior is dressed up with decent-looking silver plastic bits and bobs, but the cheap, shiny plastic that covers the dash is one of the few reminders of its Korean bargain-basement roots." Edmunds adds that "it loses points with inconsistent/poor-quality materials that detract from an otherwise inviting environment."

Stereo and Entertainment

The 2008 Forenza comes standard with an in-dash AM/FM/CD/MP3 entertainment system with eight-speakers. A few reviewers expressed disappointment with the Forenza's audio system. For example, New Car Test Drive calls the sound "mediocre," and Car and Driver adds, "The weak radio reception is so 40 years ago."

Review Last Updated: 10/14/09

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